Cross-Fit Training Introduced

With the fast-rising popularity of cross-fit training being all the rage these days, Nodstrum staff decided to give it a try. Since there is a perceived benefit from doing such a physical regimen, our staff thought it would be a good idea to see if this could be something they could incorporate into their fitness programs.

Cross-fit is a very flexible program. It could be anything from strength training, weight training, gymnastics, polymetrics, power lifting and some other variations still being released. The idea of cross-fit training is not following a specific set of programs or drills, but rather doing as many drills as possible in as little time.

This is where the flexibility of the program appears. It could work well for beginners as you decide what level of fitness you are in and can determine how many repetitions or sets of repetitions you are able to perform. More advanced people in the program try to push themselves to the limit. This is another manifestation of it’s flexibility as a training program.

In a way it could be considered as a self-paced program. So our staff did just that. They started out on the low-impact workouts, some weight training, cardio workouts, endurance and power lifting. In the beginning, they reported no major issues, as they were all active gym members who go there regularly. But as the drills progressed into the more intense workouts,some began to feel the strain and needed to pace themselves. This is perfectly normal in cross-fit training and is totally acceptable.

In the long run, we think that cross-fit training is for the serious gym buffs who like to challenge their bodies and taking it to the extreme. Right now, though, there are cross-fit competitions popping up everywhere, as it has become somewhat of a variation of the ironman challenge or some other extreme games like American Ninja Warrior.

Overall, we think that it is a good program to be in if you’re an seasoned veteran in the training circuits. It offers new challenges and allows athletes to be better in tune with their inner selves. It will have a positive long-term impact and will be a good addition to your health regimen. We recommend this to everyone out there who are health-conscious, provided that you do not have a pre-existing medical or physical condition which could adversely be affected by doing such rigorous tasks.

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