Nodstrum Conducts Zumba Class

Nodstrum will be conducting free zumba classes which will be open to the public every Saturday of next month. This undertaking is in partnership with Gold’s Gym who will be providing the venue for the classes. The instructors for these free classes will come from the staff of Nodstrum, who will be working together with Gold’s Gym to make this class a possibility.

There will be a pre-enlisting event on Saturday at 8 o’clock in the morning. During the signup, applicants to the classes will also have a physical checkup by a sports clinician. Those who will pass the screening will have to sign a waiver form in order to be included in the class.

This initiative from Nodstrum is part of their effort to be more visible in public and also to encourage ordinary people to be more conscious of their health. By promoting an active lifestyle, they hope to become a positive influence to people who want to improve their overall state of health and wellness.

Nodstrum CEO Fatima Sanders, also a confessed health buff, will join in the activities. She will be one of the Zumba Instructors who will personally train the participants in the proper way of doing the Zumba exercises. In an interview with reporters at their headquarters, Sanders relates, “We cannot stress the importance of healthy living enough especially nowadays where there are so many things a person has to attend to. Such things taking the time allotted for exercising is frequently bypassed.”

“Let us admit it, we live a more sendentary lifestyle these days. I guess that is one negative effect of having to work in front of a computer all day. We tend to miss out on physical activity which could stimulate our muscles, nerves and organs.  I believe this is the primary reason why stress is becoming more and more lethal nowadays. Because of lack of activity, our muscles become weak, our body breaks down, our immune system gives in to stress and ultimately to disease.”

Sanders continues, “This is the reason why we came up with this Zumba class. We wanted people to get off their butts, get some activity that will start their blood circulating once again. Get those muscles flexing, get the heart rate up. It is normal and healthy to sweat. That is part of the human anatomy. That’s one way for our body to get rid of toxins from the intake we have had in the past.”

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