Alum Joins Ninja Warrior Challenge

A former Nodstrum student who participated in our pilot program during our launch, will be joining the Ninja Warrior Challenge on NBC. Ralph Freeman, who turned professional after training with us, took the qualifying competitions en route to the semi-finals. Here he battles against fellow competitors also aiming for the top prize. He also has to beat his personal best times which he previously set, for him to move on to the next round, hopefully until he reaches the championship and ultimately raising the medal signifying his win.

The 36-year old Freeman is at the top of his game. He is strong, physically and mentally fit, has been training for this event for the past 6 months. He knows that there is a lot at stake during the competition. But he has set his mind towards the goal. He has never been this sharp and focused all his life. This only goes to show his determination to succeed and the willpower it takes to overcome any obstacles along the way.

He sought the help of Nodstrum, as he trained at their facilities for the past 6 months. He works tirelessly to improve his speed, stamina, endurance and his x-factor. All these will contribute to his success but he knows that his determination will carry him over the hill towards his ultimate goal.

Freeman said in an interview: “This is the biggest challenge I have yet to face so far in my entire life. In a way, I could say this is my life’s work. I have put all my energies into it. I am going to give it my best shot during the finals. With the help of sponsors and the people at Nodstrum, who never grew tired of me, I believe that the championship is mine for the taking.”

“It is not over yet, but I already envision myself taking the top prize. This positive reinforcement helps motivate me and keeps me focused on the goal at all times. I have sacrificed a lot to get to where I am today. I will not let my people, my family, my friends and all supporters who never gave up on me.”

For their part, Nodstrum feels fortunate that Freeman decided to choose them as his training partner. This speaks volumes on the faith and character and trust he has built with us all this time. To carry the name of the group on your chest come competition time, that is the best feeling ever.

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