My Car Was Damaged At The Garage – Who’s Coughing Up?

When you leave your car with a garage or mechanic, you’re effectively giving them your trust to not damage your vehicle or effect it negatively in any way, and why would they? It’s their job to make sure your vehicle works how it’s meant to, and any negative impact they have on your car will just make more work for themselves. Unfortunately though, accidents happen, and there’s no avoiding that. When your vehicle is damaged whilst in the possession of a mechanic or garage, you have to remember that it isn’t always going to be their fault. According to One Sure Insurance, it’s estimated that up to 50% of all mechanics don’t have mechanics insurance in place – something which is extremely serious when considering that accidents can and will happen!

As already stated, accidents can happen, and with things like lamp posts falling on cars, other cars crashing into them, and vandalism all being possible, there is no need to point the finger straight to the mechanics that had your car at the time. Looking at it sensibly, causing damage to customer vehicles is probably not going to be at the top of a mechanic’s priority list. Even so, when damage has occurred it’s a case of working out who is liable and needs to pay for it, as at the end of the day the repairs have to happen somehow.

Dependant on the Garage’s Insurance, your vehicle could be paid for by their insurer, or they could be protected from paying anything at all (if proven to not have been caused by them). Auto Liability coverage is part of a garage’s insurance that pays for any damages done to customer vehicles that they’re liable for causing, whereas your insurance would have to pick up the pieces and pay for anything if the mechanic isn’t to blame.

Unfortunately, both sides of the fence will not always meet eyes, and when you feel that the garage were at fault, it’s up to them to deny this or not. From there unfortunately, when a disagreement comes about, it may result in having to taking the garage to court if they don’t agree to cover a claim via their insurance. Most garages tend to admit liability and be helpful when it comes to accidents and damages inflicted, as they understand that in the industry, these things happen.

Remember to always check with your garage how they work with situations like this if you’re not sure, but don’t always assume that they are to blame, and point the finger.

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