Nodstrum Roll Out Supplement Line

In another effort to further expand their reach in the holistic wellness industry, Nodstrum will soon release to the market their own line of Food Supplements. Food supplements are one of the most sought after products these days. This is attributed to the rising popularity of similar products which claims to have holistic and even curative effects on the person who have tried it.

Nodstrum’s line of food supplements differ from other products out there because we use only 100% organic substances in the preparation of our supplements. Our research and development team have spent hundreds of hours doing all the necessary tests to make sure our products are non-intrusive, hypo-allergenic and have the right efficacy to supplement the client’s dietary needs.

Head of Research and Development Roger Claxton shares with us the rigorous process these supplements went through before given the stamp of approval for general consumption. “The first step we needed to do was to find a viable and sustainable source for our raw materials. This will ensure that we can continue to produce these supplements for the long haul. Apart from that, we have also began growing our own farm to be able to supply future needs for production.”

“The second part is preparation. We take the most strict set of rules in the preparation of our supplements, we adhere to the highest standards set for us and we follow and try to exceed them, if at all possible. We use the best sterilization techniques available to us and this ensures that our products are safe for our clients to use as they see fit.”

With all the preparation done and everything set in place, the food supplement is going to be available to the public very soon. Nodstrum believes we have come up with another winning formula and will get rave reviews from satisfied customers when they have tried our new product. We know what to expect because we put in the hard work, the long hours to come up with an excellent product any team would be proud of.

Claxton goes on, “We are expecting to have these supplements available by the end of the first quarter. We are now in full swing producing the first batch. Of course, we will first offer the products to our loyal customers. They deserve to have first dibs on a product which should definitely add positive impact to their life.”

This report first appeared on CNN.

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