New Employees Welcomed at Nodstrum

Nodstrum welcomes 4 new members to the office this month. As part of the expansion program due to the brisk business coming our way, we have decided to augment our workforce by hiring 4 new team players to join us. This is truly an indication that we are growing fast as an organization and this bodes well for our future business.

Without further ado, let the newcomers be known:

Michael Wydmann

If you meet the new muscular 6-footer along the office hallway, you’ll be greeted with a pleasant smile and a kind remark to go along with it-then you’ll know you just ran into Michael Wydmann. He is a new Strength and Conditioning Coach we’ve recently added to our team. He is a licensed Physical Therapist, who worked with the YMCA for the past 18 months. He is also an experienced financial advisor and financial consultant and has previously worked at companies such as Barclays.

Michael is an experienced angler, and like to go fishing on the weekends on his small canoe upriver. He has a dog-a Siberian Husky he adopted from the animal shelter-whom he calls Buster.

Katrina Scott

Katrina Scott is the new Front Desk Receptionist at the main office. She always greets people politely and is very efficient at work. She is a former Walmart greeter and also worked as a volunteer at the local public library. She will be a nice addition to the team, as she will be one of the customers facing staff, she will need to use all her charm in dealing with them.

Katrina enjoys reading books, jogging around the park on the weekends and is a proponent of minimalist living. She rides on her bike to work every single day.

Lena Rinkle

Lena Rinkle is a bundle of energy around the office. She is always nice to have around as she literally lights up the room upon entering. She is the new Nutrition and Dietetics Adviser, managing the Diet Programs being laid out for Nodstrum’scustomers, as well as prepare meal schedules for the staff. This is a fancy job with lots of juggling and balancing of responsibilities.

Lena loves ice skating and was even a member of her school’s ice skating team which competed in competitions everywhere.

Norbert Sanders

There is a new Gym Coordinator in town, who takes his job seriously as the next guy. Norbert Sanders is tasked to manage and monitor all the gym equipment and resources, and he takes pride in having accountability for all these things.

He is a natural born athlete who recently got hooked on cross-fit training.

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