Health Awareness Week Celebration

The Nodstrum Headquarters in Riverdale is going to be the venue of the company’s week-long celebration of Health Awareness Week. This is an annual event being observed by the group for the benefit of its clientele and the staff as well. The general health awareness campaign looks to promote the holistic way of improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle for everyone involved.

Nodstrum plays a big part in spreading awareness about one’s health, especially the busy working professionals who barely have time to monitor their daily health habits. We promote healthy, clean living in order to keep up with the demands of work, family and other obligations we choose to get involved in. We are the health advisors to busy people who barely have time to take a breather and think about all these things.

With the help of some of our sponsors, there will be booths in the exhibit hall where they will set up a mobile clinic to perform basic health checks. The Mayo Clinic is one such exhibitor who will bring in some experts to perform routine checkups for the visitors to the event. They have been so generous in giving assistance to us in our past outreach projects and this is another occasion where they lend us a big hand in our outreach activities.

There will be free Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat check-ups with expert EENT practitioners in the field. There will also be free blood pressure, blood sugar screening and many other basic check-ups the public may avail of. This is our way of giving back to the community who have always been supportive of our projects in recent years. We have a good working relationship with them and it’s only fitting that we do this for them.

Fatima Sanders, Nodstrum CEO sent out a memo praising the people who made this event possible. “The number of people supporting our activities are increasing each year. It must mean that we’re doing something significant and relevant to merit such attention and acceptance. We shall continue towards this path to overall wellness and wish to spread the positive vibes to all who wish to improve their overall state of life.”

“No matter what age group you belong in, no matter what status you may have at work or in society, our ultimate goal is to help you find happiness and contentment, and that should come from within you.”

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