Nodstrum Nominated Most Admired

A group of organizers evaluating websites is nominating as one of the Most Admired Newcomers in the web industry under the health and wellness category. This is a great feat for our organization, being one the newest player in this niche to ever receive such a glowing nomination.

This is a testament to how hard working our staff is, never relenting until we have come up with our best. The web development team has the full support of the entire organization and they are given full creative control of the process. This, in turn, allows them to come up with fantastic ideas never heard of before. The term revolutionary easily applies to what they are trying to achieve.

The web development team, led by Arthur Bailey, does not want to take all the credit for this nomination. He says, “Although it was my team that puts together the final product that people see now, the truth is that this is a total group effort. The whole organization was involved in every step of the process here. Everyone had their own contribution to the whole effort. If we win, it will be a victory for the whole organization.”

He continues by stating, “Just merely nominated is already a big accomplishment for us. Do you know how many websites are coming out every day? Tens of thousands, maybe more. To catch the attention of people managing the web and people looking out for the best out there is already an accomplishment. This is no small feat by any means.”

Nodstrum CEO Fatima Sanders spoke briefly of the nomination in the latest monthly meeting of the staff. “We are happy to announce that our web presence is being nominated as one of the best newcomers in the online market. This is due to the fact that we offer excellent advice to our clientele, we have great content which is not only informative but also entertaining. We also boast of a great customer support team who are working their butts off day in and day out to please our customers.”

Sanders echoes Bailey’s sentiments about this being a solid group effort. “I could not point to myself and say I deserve all the credit for this one. Nor could I say the web development team did it for us. The entire organization made this possible and because of that we all deserve the credit.”

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