New Milestone Eclipsed

Nodstrum is celebrating a milestone today when it signed up its 100,000th subscriber to its Ultimate Holistic Care Package Program. This is just another feather in our cap as we continue to grow as an organization. It also shows that people continue to patronize our products and services and that speaks volumes in terms of excelling in what we do.

The Ultimate Holistic Care Package is the most comprehensive program we have available and is also the most sought product off our shelves. It covers all areas of holistic living and gives the client the edge of starting at any given point in their life and get the results they desire by following the instructions that come with the package.

The Ultimate Package includes instructions on how to prepare yourself for the journey ahead. It also comes with tips and best practices guides which are culled from past experiences of our staff and some of our earlier clients. This is how you can tell that the program is a success because 100,000 people can’t all be wrong about one particular product.

Amanda Sykes, Business Development Manager at Nodstrum, attests to the effectivity of the program. “When we designed this program, we thought of the completeness of it, thinking that we wanted something that could work for one person and not need anything else to supplement their needs. That’s how we developed this ultimate package to cover all the bases.”

Sykes continues, “There is no shortcut to success. If you want to succeed, you’ve gotta be ready to work your butt off each and every day. You need to be willing and ready to get down and dirty if the need for it arises. That is one of thee many secrets of success of our program. And we are sharing it with you now to show our appreciation for your continued patronage of our products and services.”

“Of course we need to thank our loyal customers who never stopped coming to us for advice after advice, product after product. Without them, we could not have lasted this long in this business. It is because of them that we continue to improve our products, our services. We shall not stop working hard to give them the best products to fulfill their needs. This is the secret formula to our success and we are sharing it with our clients because they are a big part of our success,” concludes Sykes.

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