Water Therapy Is Making a Comeback

With the growing popularity of clean living coming back into fashion, the re-introduction of water therapy is finding its way back. We are now living in a highly toxic world compared to say the 70’s when there was less prevalence of pollution everywhere. With the number of pollution producing factories and industrial businesses, the expected backlash is unimaginable.

The same can be said about how our bodies interact with pollution. If we inhale too much smoke, we tend to get sick because of the extremely toxic nature of the smoke. More and more therapist and clinicians are suggesting the need to increase intake of water to help the human body cope with such pollutants. In the early 80’s, water therapy sort of became a fad in the diet circles. It was one way to reduce food intake by fooling the body into thinking we are full although in truth we are not.

The logic here is quite simple. Water is the number one known universal solvent found on the entire planet Earth. With that in mind, the scientist believes water could be the best solvent to get rid of toxins absorbed into our bodies, either voluntarily or involuntarily. By increasing our water intake, the tendency is for the body to get rid of those toxins and flushing them out of our body.

By increasing our water intake, we increase the chance of having a cleaner body internally. If you have taken in a substantial amount of water, chances are that you will feel less and less hungry, thereby minimizing your food intake. This is one way of controlling your diet by reducing the amount of fat-producing food that we have to take in.

Nodstrum endorses this water therapy method as a way of controlling our body weight and more importantly maintaining a normal Body Mass Index (BMI) in the process. It’s an overly simplistic solution, but it is one that has been around for such a long time now but had been set aside for other methods introduced more recently.

It’s a simple going-back-to-basics scenario which if we follow meticulously, will give us the healthy holistic living which we seek to acquire in our quest for happiness. Water is the elixir of life. If we want to rejuvenate our ailing bodies, what better way to do it than by infusing it with the universal solvent which coincidentally is also the universal source of life here on Earth.

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