Why You Need A Slow Cooker Today

Slower cookers, or as they have been more affectionately called, crock-pots, truly are a boon to anyone in charge of preparing full-scale meals under time restraints and other restrictions. With advancements in slow cooker technology along with their ease of use, coupled with a plethora of recipes designed specifically for them, there is no question as to how slow cookers have advanced and revolutionized meal preparation.

According to Zozanga.com, The advantages of this small kitchen appliance are many and with the variety of types and models available today, meal planning and actual preparation are completed within minutes rather than hours. It is easy to make ordinary, everyday meals with a gourmet touch, minus the hassle of standing over a hot stove or oven for hours on end preparing one dish.

Here are just a few of the benefits of slow cookers, multi-cookers, and crock-pots that just might persuade you to invest in one for your next big cooking project.

– programmable times and temperatures

– digital controls for time and temperature

– multi-cooking features and adaptations

– removable crock/food container

– multi-use heating base

– keep warm settings

– browning function

– eight, six, five, four, three and two-quart capacities

– food servings of up to seven people

– cool touch handles

– nonrestrictive with counter top space

– stainless steel housing

– power interrupt protection

– dishwasher safe

– warranty/guarantee

Some of the higher rated brands with mid to high price points and cooking capacities include:

– Cuisinart – $110 (approximate) – 6-quart capacity

– Hamilton Beach – $90 (approximate) – 6-quart capacity

– Crock-Pot – $50 (approximate) – 6-quart capacity

– Proctor Silex – $30 (approximate) – 4-quart capacity

– West Bend – $70 (approximate) – 5-quart capacity

If you really want to save time with meal preparation and cooking time, then take a look at some of the more highly rated slow cookers and crock-pots that are listed here. You may just find the right one or one comparable to it that fits your needs, time restraints, and budget. Meal preparation doesn’t have to be a thankless chore, especially when you can watch your meal bubbling while gazing through a glass lid instead of standing over a stove-top.

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