Annual Socialization Event Held

Nodstrum employees and staff are invited to attend the annual company party for the current year. This will give the staff some time off their rigorous work and take some time to relax and unwind and meet the same people they meet every day, only in a different setting. This will break the monotony of their daily routine and give them some time to shake off some of the stress they have accumulated for the past months.

Food catering on wedding day

The event is set to take place at the Grand Ballroom of the Okada Resorts and Casino on the 9th of April from 7 pm onwards. Dinner will be served at the Mesa Restaurant, where a healthy buffet of Nodstrumapproved menu will be laid out. After the dinner, there will be a short program where a few of our leaders will give a short talk to address everyone. There will be a live band to serenade the crowd with their crooning. The pool area will be made available exclusively for our use. You can bring your entire family, including kids, so they could have fun as well.

The objective of this affair is to get to know each other on a more personal level. This is especially true to the new members of the group who have just joined the organization in the past six months. In order to foster camaraderie and better working relationship at the office, it would help if each of the staff knew their co-workers on a more personal level.

An added incentive for those who will attend the said occasion is a Raffle Draw, where there will be a selection of a random name from a list of entries. Each entry will have the name of each staff member. Whoever will be chosen will bring home a mystery package, which no one knows whats included in the package except for the top-level managers who came up with the idea.

Fatima Sanders, Nodstrum CEO spoke with some reporters when they were preparing a press release for this event. She told a BBC reporter that covered the event press release, “This light moments should not be taken lightly because such moments are crucial for us carrying out our daily tasks. This gives us the opportunity to put our laptops and planners in the back seat and focus on nothing but enjoying our time in the company of family, friends and of course our peers.”

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