Nodstrum Gives To Charity

As part of fulfilling their civic duties to society, Nodstrum has decided to give charitable donations to Make-A-Wish International Foundation┬áduring the latter’s founding anniversary celebration. Nodstrum CEO Fatima Sanders presented a check worth $50,000 given to the foundation to support their many wish-granting programs to deserving people all over the world.

During the turnover ceremony, Sanders spoke with the media present during the event and gave a short message addressed to the foundation. “We are honoured and proud to be working with one of the most appreciated humanitarian foundation there is in the world today. We are so glad to be associated with such a group of committed and dedicated men and women who are out there looking out for those who couldn’t look out for themselves.”

This is the second time that Nodstrum has given to the same charitable institution, showcasing the strong tie up and good relationship we have established and maintained with them. Sanders goes on, “We will not get tired supporting all your projects and endeavors, now and in the near future. We believe that what you are doing is having a great impact in the lives of those you have helped and for those who you have yet to extend help to.”

Present during the ceremony is Make-A-Wish Goodwill Ambassador Karen Whitley, who also said a few words of acknowledgment. “We are so blessed to be working closely with your organization on projects where we need all the help we can get. Your contribution goes a long way in our efforts to help the less fortunate in our society. We hope you never get tired of helping and sharing your blessings to us. Rest assured that they will be put to good use.”

The money for the donation came from months of passing the hat around the office, which became a regular weekly occurrence. People gave whatever they could to help out. There was no set amount to give, it was purely voluntary. Sanders revealed that whatever the staff came up with after the drive was over, she would give her share by doubling that amount.

Sanders adds, “We should not hesitate to help people around us. For those of us who have the means to help, help out. Don’t wait for people to come and beg. Be humane enough to recognize that you are in a unique position to help the less fortunate of our brethren.”

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