Nodstrum is a community dedicated to Technology enthusiast to bringing you high-quality digital tips and resources on software, apps. It is a healthy living advocacy group whose primary objective is to promote a better balanced life for anybody who wants to have a better control on his or her life. Nodstrum started out as a personal blog for a fitness buff, but later evolved into a more holistic-centric approach to taking care of one’s overall health.

Over time, the hobby blog became a full-blown website dedicated to the same principles it set out in the beginning. Gaining popularity via social media sharing, it now has over 100,000 followers and loyal subscribers every month. This gives the site the credibility it needs to be considered as an “authority” website, thus having more impact and influence on its followers.

We hope to inspire others who wish to follow the example we have laid out for them to give them the results they wish to have for themselves. We acknowledge that we do not know everything there is to know about healthy living, but we believe that what we started to advocate we have tried ourselves, and found positive results in our lives.

Our new objective now is to promote the site even further and hope to inspire others to discover the better versions of themselves which they seek in their journey through life.

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