Top 14 Sites like KissAnime & Its Alternatives – KissAnime Down or Not Working?

Top 14 Sites like KissAnime & Its Alternatives – KissAnime Down or Not Working?
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Earlier in Summer 2017, Kissanime site was taken down and disappointing all its fans over the world. It is the only anime site people use to watch anime online. Kissanime is the site which people use to stream anime on Kodi through an add-on. As in Summer, the main site was down so even streams on Kodi won’t work. 

You can even check the Kissanime Reddit thread here where they have mentioned that Kissanime was not working in summer. Hence we are sharing some Alternatives to Kissanime so you can watch anime online.

Anime became popular in Japan in the 19th century. It is the synonym for animation, which was widely recognized among people of all age groups. Anime is widely recognized by fans from all over the world because of its amazing storyline, and ever-evolving genre.  

The best Anime series became the most important part of lives of the mainstream audience because of greatly written design and storyline. They don’t pay too much attention to artistic expression and details but compensate it with an amazing story.  

Top 14 Anime Sites like KissAnime to Watch Anime Online Free

If you are an anime fan, you have to accept the fact that you cannot easily find TV channel that favours them. At the same time, watching the traditional television is a nightmare because of all commercials and breaks that kill all vibe. That is the main reason why we decided to present you top 14 KissAnime Alternatives.

1. Crunchyroll


This is one of the most popular and readily updated anime streaming websites like KissAnime. It contains almost every anime series that you can think of and it ensures you that you don’t miss out any episode that it has. It is built with an amazing slideshow of popular titles and recent uploads.  

In the same time, Crunchyroll contains different categories based on drama, anime, pop videos and you can also browse your favorite series in the most popular category and alphabetical order. It is great and legal anime website that you can watch online without any additional problem.  

We have to mention that service is free but for limited content, and in case that you want to stream HD content on your desktop, you have to pay a minimal fee.  More>>



If you are a fan of anime series, this website is amazing because you will be able to stream your favourite series in HD English dubbed online. You can also find numerous anime series that are latest, few days after the airing. The best thing that we have to mention about this website is that it contains a request section that gives you the possibility to request any anime that you can think of and that is not available on the platform. This is the best option if you want to watch free anime in English du perspective. More>>

3. Animelab


This is another legal Anime streaming website that operates only in Australia and New Zealand. It contains all basic features that you need in order to access all relevant and most popular anime series and movies that you can think of. In case that you purchase premium plan, you will get full access to anime series in both dubbed and subbed versions. More>>

4. Yahoo View

Yahoo View anime

You should always consider this particular website if you want to watch amazing anime TV series and movies online without any additional problem. It provides you the possibility to watch premium series, latest episodes and complete season which is the main reason for its outstanding popularity. Of course, you have to understand that it is paid site, but when you compare offerings and design, it is really worth it. More>>



This is one of the widely recognized anime streaming websites that contains amazing anime collection that you will be amazed at. Its homepage holds numerous thumbnails of recently added and most popular animes. There are also numerous possibilities for browsing and scrolling. There are some suggestions that website will provide you according to your latest performance.

You can filter unwanted anime and create your own playlist that you want to watch in the future. We have to mention that you will have the option to download anime in order to watch them online later.  More>>



This particular website is one of the most popular anime streaming websites on the web ever. It is widely recognized website with a huge database of content that you will enjoy all across the genre. It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of video clips, manga movies and TV series and what is most important, absolutely for free. Check ou15+ Best Sites like Gogoanime to Watch Dragon Ball Super Online

If you don’t like watching animes with subs, don’t worry, because there is also a great deal of English dub streaming. You can watch latest titles and old classic that are categorized in alphabetical order, but you can also browse them by popularity.  

There is a separate category for English dubbed anime series. More>>


Daisuke is unique anime streaming website that will offer you premium anime content. It contains a really amazing database of great and most famous anime series and movies, from classic titles to rare ones that you won’t find on other websites from this list. You can also watch and stream the latest anime without any additional problem.

Yet, you will have to sign-up in order to access unique content. When you finish with registration, you will be able to save episodes for later and as soon as you return it to the place where you left of.  

Note: This Site has ended its service from Oct 31, 2017. Check notice here.



Anime Season is a website that evolved rapidly and created a huge fan following to their customers. That is because they are a much user-centric website that will provide unique features that will take your breath. Everything is based on user’s reviews. The most popular anime will be the one with the most votes from registered users, which means that only people and users are those who determine which is good or not. More>>



We have to mention this amazing legal anime streaming website that is widely known pitstop for people who enjoy watching anime series and movies. It is the largest website in North America for anime series and contains numerous genres in this particular form and style. You will be able to enjoy huge database of episodes and movies that will simulate the perfection that you will feel afterward.  

You can also browse the huge database of English dubbed anime. In case that you are a smartphone user, you just have to log in your account, and you will be able to access your favorite anime series in a matter of minutes. More>>

10. AnimeFreak.Tv

animefreak Watch Anime Online English Dubbed Subbed Episodes

Anime Freak is a synonym for a website with a huge database of anime content, but at the same time, it contains numerous of ads and unorganized design. Still, when you set aside these two crucial issues, the content is amazing.

You will be able to find any anime series and episode that you want without any additional problem. There are some anime titles that you won’t be able to find elsewhere, which is why people often choose it. Another advantage of using this anime streaming website is that you can watch everything absolutely for free. More>>


BECAUSE anime streaming search engine

This is not a casual anime streaming website, it is more like a search bar where you can enter what you want to watch and all results from the web will appear in a matter of seconds. We all wonder where we can find anime series online for free, and that is why you should use this particular website. You just have to enter the name or any other keyword, and you will get all relevant search results.  

It works only in the UK, Australia, Cannada and the USA, which is the disadvantage for people who are not from there. Subscribe their twitter page in order to follow latest releases and other news relevant to this matter. More>>


Chia Anime

This is one of the best sites that are similar to Kissanime, and that is because of its amazing design that will catch your eye without any additional problem. It doesn’t matter where you are from because its database contains all relevant pieces that you need in order to enjoy completely.

It is similar to Kissanime not only by design but because of content too. You can easily watch in stream latest anime series or enjoy old classics with only one click. More>>



This particular anime streaming website is widely known as one of the most popular ones, especially when you have in mind that it resembles kissanime. It contains both English dubbed episodes and those with subtitles.

There are also numerous polls, forums and event discussions that makes this site, not just a streaming website, but something like social media for online anime fanatics. If you want to understand the idea of anime and all other stuff about it, you have to visit it and create a completely different perspective on this great animation genre. More>>

14. AnimeHeaven.EU


If you want to watch any kind of anime online without any problem that could happen with copyright law, this is the site for you. it works similar as kissanime, however, it contains unique offers. The best thing that we have to mention is that you can download any title in order to watch it later offline. That is convenient, especially if you have limited data on your internet.  

The next time when you decide to watch anime series, try to enter this site and you won’t regret. It contains all important series that you need. This is just a beginning of the journey, the next step is to enter and get sucked into it. More>>


The main problem that could happen with online streaming is buffering issues, however, if you have high-speed internet you don’t have to worry about it. We have presented you top 14 sites like kissanime, that you can choose in order to enjoy with your friends and family. It is the time to watch anime without pressure and frustrating ads.  

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