Apps like Instagram that are Fun to Use

Apps like Instagram that are Fun to Use
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If you are tired of Instagram, and you are asking yourself are there any other apps like Instagram that are fun to use, we decided to answer your question in this article. It doesn’t matter if you still have Instagram, you can use both apps, but these particular ones are here to give you all features that Instagram has but without its user interface, which will make it different only by visual.

Other Apps Like Instagram That Are Just As Fun to Use

1. Vine

vine camera

This particular app is a great alternative to Instagram because it contains many different features and filters that will allow you to make and upload great videos and pictures and upload them and share among people. You can also make looping video that is based on GIF so that you can share afterwards on different social media. More >>

2. Path


This particular social networking app will give you the possibility to connect to people that are your friends on Facebook. It is not like any other network where you can connect with strangers, but it is still more intimate than Facebook. It is a great app if you want to share videos and photos with people that you know and with amazing design layout this app is great if you are tired of Instagram and its features. More >>

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3. Tumblr


Tumblr is a great platform where you can blog and upload your own GIFs and photos, which is great if you want to find the app that is different than Instagram but that it contains all similar features as any other photo sharing app. You will be able to post videos, text posts, chat quotes and regular photos and what is most important you will have a possibility to create and modify your own GIFs and images. 

4. Pinterest


We have all heard about Pinterest and its amazing features where you can craft ideas and collect recipes, there are also similar features as on Instagram for photo and video sharing, so it is a worth of try. It grew into popular social media where you can promote yourself and share cool stuff and memes that could be interesting. Its unique designs are the reason for its popularity because you will enjoy its aesthetic and simple interface, so if you want to find a great app for image sharing this is one is perfect for you. More >>

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5. Imgur


Imgur is great free image hosting platform where you can enter and enjoy all the way. There are millions of people that are using it on daily basis and you can find numerous GIFs, photos, and videos that were made and submitted by users. There are numerous criteria and categories that will help you browse your favourite photos and it is designed in order to be absolutely different than Instagram even though it works in the same way. More >>

6. Flickr


Flickr is one of the most popular and most famous photo sharing website that contains many different photo filters which makes it similar to Instagram. People often switched to Flickr from Instagram because there are no privacy ideas and the problem with any kind of ID. If you like to take photos and to share them with the world in order to see reactions, this is the perfect app for you because you will enjoy all the way. More >>

7. We Heart It


This amazing photo sharing platform is very similar to Instagram, but it is more made for female users because there are many different layouts and photo filters that are colorful and interesting for young girls. People who love to enjoy in lovable content will enjoy this particular app. The layout is similar to Pinterest and you will be able to browse photos in order to create your Canvas by uploading photos and add them into Hearts section. More >>



This particular app is like Instagram for people who love to make lip-syncing photos and videos and share them afterwards to all users. You will be able to make your own 15-second music video clip while you decide in the library which song you will try to lip sync. There are numerous features such as posting your mini video and therefore people would like your videos and follow you afterwards if you are interesting and the same thing you can do also. More >>

9. Snapchat


We have all heard about Snapchat and its amazing features, and when we compare it to Instagram we can say that these two apps are the most popular image sharing application available on the market. There are numerous filters and modifications that you can do on your images so if you don’t want to use Instagram anymore, Snapchat is the solution for you. More >>



This amazing app is filled with beautiful and funny GIFs and short looping videos that you will enjoy making it. If you want to use your own photos and share with the rest of the community, this is the app for you. It is another alternative to Instagram, however, you will be able to move pictures and to apply various effects in order to create a profile that will be a piece of art and that will represent your aesthetic. There are numerous contents that you can follow similarly as Instagram. More >>


We have presented you Apps like Instagram that are Fun to Use and if you have your own thoughts and ideas feel free to comment in the section below.

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