10 Similar Apps Like Showbox & Its Alternative

10 Similar Apps Like Showbox & Its Alternative
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Are you looking for Similar Apps like Showbox? Don’t worry we have shared the collection of Showbox alternatives for Android & iOS(iPhone & iPad) devices. It is an app which is used by millions of people every day to get their daily entertainment. It has all the types of TV programs, movies, cartoons, music videos and much much more available for free viewing in excellent video quality. No wonder it is so popular among people of all ages!

If you have been using Show box for a long time now, you will know that although it has the latest and most up to date library and no problems in downloading any movie the app can sometimes become slow or crash. This is not common but can happen from time to time.

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This is why we have found these ten apps like Showbox very useful. Check them out, who knows, you may come across an app which suits your taste better than Show box!

This is why we have found these ten apps like Showbox very useful. Check them out, who knows, you may come across an app which suits your taste better than Show box!

10 Similar Apps Like Showbox

1. MovieBox App


Many users of Show box have tried this app at least once, and they swear by it. It has a sense of familiarity because the features of Movie box and Show box are almost the same, so users don’t feel much of a difference when using this app.

On Moviebox, there are some useful options which users appreciate like the subtitles for movies and tv shows in various languages. All of the videos have the possibility of HD.

Along with this, there is also a fantastic navigation which makes it easy for the user to go through the list of latest uploads that the app provides. Along with this, there is a system of reviewing the show for all the other users to see.

However, Movie Box App is only available for iOS platforms like iPhone/iPad.

2. PlayBox HD App


Another alternative is Play Box HD App which is a good app to use if you want to get access to the latest shows and movies as soon as they are released in the theaters. Just like movie box, you will find that this app

Just like movie box, you will find that this app too contains all the features you need especially the ones which you are used to using as a Show box user.

3. Crackle App


Crackle App is a very famous app and free movie streaming site which is loved by many for its easy to use style and its great features. If you have been using Crackle for some time now, you will be familiar with its watch list feature which you can use to view any content later maybe when you may be stuck in traffic on your way to work or to kill time during super long queues. You can get it for free your android phone and ios devices.

We love apps like Crackle which are so easy to access. Just download and start using. You don’t even need to create an account!

Just like the other apps mentioned previously, you can get a variety of movies, old and new all in one place. You no longer have to worry about missing your favourite TV serials and reruns because they all are there for free on Crackle.

4. Hulu App


The next one on our list is Hulu App. Now, what’s so special about this app? Well, it undoubtedly provides most of the content that other apps do, but this app provides many of those shows and movies which are not commonly available on Tv or mainstream films.

For example, most of the main films shown are the Hollywood ones, but there is a whole range of world cinema in different languages which is not so readily known by the common public.

Among the other standard features, there is a support to chrome cast so you can watch movies on a big screen.

5. Hubi App Download


On this app, you will not find any shortage of content and loads of it! Whether you want to watch movies online or even download, it makes no difference because both options are open to all.

One feature of this app is that you can choose your style of the media player. Also, you can decide to share the movies you want with friends and family.

6. Netflix


Now you may have heard of this one already. The best part is that you can now use this app on your phone whether it is android or ios system. There is no cost for this app too!

7. Megabox HD App


Users have rated another app as a good alternative to Show box. The next one on our list is Megabox HD. It has all the necessary features to replace Show box for sure! You can also watch and get access to a large number of anime and cartoons in real quality on this app.

8. MovieTube


Like every other app on our list, this one too is worth checking out. It allows you to stream the best HD movies and shows for free.

9. IMDb Movies & TV


You can sort by IMDb, modern, name, updates, year, and genres. You can download the videos you want or save them to watch later list view then. Not only that you can also get additional news and information regarding the movies on the app like reviews and trailers.

10. Sky HD App


Watch your shows on Sky HD for an excellent experience. You will find the features to be quite satisfying for a high quality movie viewing experience.

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