8 Apps Like TutuApp & its Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices

8 Apps Like TutuApp & its Alternatives for Android and iOS Devices
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After we found out that many people from the internet are asking about Apps like TutuApp for Android and iOS, we decided to provide you article that will give you perfect answer on this question. These alternatives apps function in a similar way, but first, it is important to give you a clear analysis of TutuApp App Store so that you could know what you are searching for.

What is TutuApp?

TutuApp is Chinese app store that will give you the possibility to download their apps for free such as Pokémon and many more different and popular ones. However, the main problem is because everything is in the Chinese language, which means that is difficult to use it because you won’t know what to do if you are not familiar with it. Developers decided to make an updated version in English and you will be able to install it and it will interfere with your TutuApp and it will change the language of your original application. The main reason for its outstanding popularity is when Pokemon Go was released and it became widely popular all over the world, so people wanted a way to play it without any strings attached and they achieved it when they installed TutuApp.


There are numerous features that you will get if you install TutuApp and most users are calling it a magical app because you will get a bunny assistant, which means that you will be able to get help by a small bunny monogram.


You will be able to install it on PC, iOS, and Android devices and there are numerous games available such as Pokémon Go, Clash Royale and much more.

Apps Like TutuApp for Android and iOS

We present you apps like TutuApp for iOS and Android devices:

1. vShare


This particular alternative to Tutuapp is a great app store that will give you the possibility to enjoy your favorite apps without any strings attached. vShare is completely free both for iOS and Android devices and there are numerous apps available in different categories with an amazing user interface that is functional and simple in the same way. vShare is available in paid versions and it will provide you with the wider database if you decide to become Pro member.

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2. The Amazon App Store



Even though Amazon is the most popular e-commerce site where you can find an offer to buy things from children fashion to cars, there are many side apps that are included in their company but it is not the main part of selling website. This particular app is greatly organised, so you will be able to understand everything without any additional problem. It is a great alternative to TutuApp; however, it is not for free. Get it Here

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3. Mobogenie Market


This is the most renowned App store that you can download on your Android and iOS devices. It contains a huge database of best apps and it is one of the most famous alternatives to TutuApp. It is very simple to use with the highly organized display where you can find all additional applications that you wanted to install but you couldn’t on your original Play Store. It has great similarities to TutuApp, so it is great if you want to have these features.

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4. GetJar


This particular app like TutuApp is one of the oldest apps available that will give you the possibility to enter Play Store of another country and to enjoy their apps in your native language. Even though there are many apps that function similar than this one, we decided to choose it because it is well organized and simple, so you won’t have a problem with using it. If you are a user of older versions of Android, you will still be able to download it without any additional problem. Visit Site

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5. APK Mirror

Even though we all know about APK mirror and its amazing features, we have to say it again if you have never reached it before. It is considered as a paradise for free apps, and you won’t be able to find anything that you have to pay. The process of downloading and installing is so simple that you will be able to use it without any problem and breaking a sweat.

It has a form of a website, however, it is always better to download the app from App Store on iOS and Android devices and start enjoying.

6. The Opera Mobile Store

The Opera Mobile Store

We have all heard about Opera and its web browser, and as every browser, it has app store available as add-ons for browser and also, in this case, it could be a great app that will be similar as TutuApp. There are many apps that you can download without any problem, and the interface is similar to any app store without any originality, however, its functions are important and you will be able to install your favorite foreign apps in your native language.

The access to apps is similar to any other, you just search in the bar or choose different categories and when you find desired one, just click download and after it is done it will automatically install on your iOS or Android device. Visit Store

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7. SlideMe


This particular app is considered as one of the best apps similar to TutuApp that will give you the possibility to access numerous content very easily. You just have to enter it and you will be amazed at all possible that you will get without any additional problem.

This particular app store works best for Android users and you will be able to download payable and free apps as well, without any doubt. There is a huge database and after you install it, just browse it through categories or manually search through a search engine and you will find everything you wanted at first. Visit Site

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8. PP25


This is a great third-party app store that will give you a possibility to install your favorite payable apps for free. The main problem with this particular app is that the original language is Chinese and you won’t be able to change it to English, however, that is no reason for panic because you will be able to search your favorite app through search engine on English language and as soon as you install it, just change the language of app and everything will be perfect. Visit Site

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We have presented you Alternative Apps like TutuApp for Android and iOS Devices that will give you the possibility to enjoy payable apps for free without strings attached.

If you have your own thoughts about it, feel free to comment in the section below and give us your own options or understanding of this amazing app.

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