Best Android Music Players 2018 – Alternatives to Google Play Music

Best Android Music Players 2018 – Alternatives to Google Play Music
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Best Music Player Apps for Android: Who in the world doesn’t listen to music? It lifts up our spirit, it soothes our mood, takes away all our sorrow and makes us feel relaxed. We express our emotions through music which cannot be expressed by our behavior or any other art. It expresses every emotion be it happiness, sorrow, aggressiveness, pain, every single emotion and above all it is the best medicine to cure pain and sorrow. It is a man’s best friend, who will always be there no matter what. 

It has the huge impact on a person’s life. People connect their own life with music, they feel it, live it. You can determine the nature of a person by the kind of music he listens to. Many singers’ music is influenced by what’s going on in their life and people going through the same situations feels connected to it. 

Android Music Players

Many new bonds are also made of music. People having the same taste in music seems to be friends easily. Music also acts as a catalyst for new innovative ideas. Now music is in almost everywhere be it an advertisement, movie, short movie, documentaries etc. I believe, the music we listen to makes up who we are.  

Well, music can do much more things than that. Many types of research are going to know what else music can do and scientists have found that music helps with a chronic backache. Apart from the physical tension music also helps in reducing the psychological tension of our mind. 

Music helps in improving our workout as increases our endurance, boosts up our moods and also distracts us from any discomfort felt during the workout. 

Most importantly, because of the reason that the part of the brain which processes music is located right next to memory, music helps people suffering from amnesia getting their memory back by remembering tunes of songs and reliving the history. 

As music is becoming a part of everyone’s life because of its tremendous use, a right music player for playing music is required. There is a number of mp3 player for Android available in the google play store, and it is very important to find the right one for you. 

Top 3 Music Player for Android Phones: 

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the best music players available in android markets which are highly rated and most popular. 

1. Poweramp Music Player 

Poweramp Music Player

It is rated 4.5 out of 5. It is a very powerful best android music app and has been popular for many years and still, it is a solid option. It supports mp3, mp4 or m4a, Ogg, Wav, ape, AIFF, TTA, WMA*, FLAC, WV and MPC music formats. It also supports m3u, pls, wpl, m3u8 playlists. It has playback capabilities which comprise support for the dynamic queue, crossfade, gapless playback and replay gain. You can also look for lyrics with the musiXmatch plugin. Various skins, themes, and other such things are also available in this application through them you are able to customize the display of the app. It has 4 different widgets along with some lock screen configurations. 

You can adjust bass and treble. This music player supports for mono mixing, various band optimized graphical equalizers, stereo expansion and much more. It has a lot of features which can troublesome people. Android and the developers made sure that the updating of the interface is constant so that it will be able to look modern. This app is smooth and fluid. 

You can install it for free 14 days trials Android, iTunes and after that, you can pay $3.99 to download the full version of it. 

2. BlackPlayer Mp3 Player 

BlackPlayer Mp3 Player 

It is rated 4.5 out of 5. BlackPlayer makes a solid first impression on its users. Living up to its name, it displays a gorgeous and sleek black interface to its users and also some mesmerizing transition that makes sure that you are impressed by using it for the very first time. It works flawlessly just like the first time in all its life. It supports FLAC, Wav, mp and Ogg music formats. It supports lyrics, gapless playback and also built in equalizer where you can use a third party equalizer too. 

It has 3 widgets, automatic or manual management of manual album art, sleep timer, scrobbling and much more. You can also enhance the use of this app by adding themes to it and also color accents. Well, it is free of cost and also a plus of this app is that it is adding free. 

There is also a paid version of it, BlackPlayer EX which costs only $2.00. It brings a lot of more themes, colors accents, more widgets, format details and much more such things. It is a more advanced version out of the above two mentioned versions. Download This

3.Shuttle Music Player  

Shuttle Music Player

It is rated 4.3 out of 5. As BlackPlayer and Poweramp are considered as the attractive player, they don’t really follow the Google’s Material Design guidelines. Well, shuttle follows it all. It brings lots of cool features along with a clean and smooth experience for users. It supports all the Ogg, mp3, FLAC and Wav file formats. It supports six-band equalizer with a bass boost, gapless playback, embedded lyrics, beautiful customisable widgets and much more. This music player provides various features to customize the user interface. 

It comes with lots of themes where you can change the color of themes according to you, also accent color and many such kinds of stuff. It also allows you to manually add artwork to it. It is free but Shuttle+ is the paid version of it. You can buy it in just $1.49. The paid version of it has many advanced features like ID3 tag editing, Chromecasting to your TV, more themes, folder browsing and many more advanced stuff. Above all, it has an easy user interface. Download This

Reviews of the best music app for android: 

All the apps mentioned above are best of their kind which comes with different features which make all of them unique. 

Poweramp is right now the most popular app among these due to its very attractive display and addictive features. Not all the good comes free, it is a paid app. 

You can go for BlackPlayer or Shuttle for free apps and also if you are interested in unlocking some other advanced features you can go for the more advanced versions of them. 

This is an article, for some of the best music player for android available in android markets If you have any doubt comment below. 

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