10+ Best Hookup Apps or Dating Apps for One Night Stand in 2018

10+ Best Hookup Apps or Dating Apps for One Night Stand in 2018
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Top Hookup Apps & Sites for iPhone, Android & Windows Phone | Dating Apps for One Night Stand. There will be times in your life when you will need someone who would make you feel special. But the thing is it is hard to find such types of a person especially if you don’t load of people in your life. Some people cannot do great in hooking up with people quickly. Reason being the lack of self-confidence.

Having a Charming personality is something that everybody wants, but that is not possible. You can either give up on this or take a step to make yourself happy and the most important thing, to find your soulmate.

But the Internet is here to help people with free hookup apps that work & who are looking for their soulmate or a date. Both, iOS (iPhone & iPad) and Android support many one night stand apps which are associated with these dating apps or hook up apps.

Best Free Hookup Apps for One Night Stand

1. OKCupid

Price: Free (in-app purchases at $0.79 each minimum)


OKCupid is a very basic hookup app with all the necessary features you would need. Millions of people use this app, and this app is available on Android and iOS. There is a unique feature in OKCupid known as “Flavour” in which you can explicitly look up to your soulmate. You can choose from Beard lovers, Kinky Nerds, and world traveler, etc. If you are trying out a dating app for the time, then you should try OKCupid.

2. Tinder

Price: Free (membership available at $14.99 per month)


Tinder is also very popular among hookup apps users. Tinder app is unique as you have to swipe right to the pictures that you like and left if you don’t like it. You can create a profile with a handful of sentences written about you. Tinder app is available for Android and iOS users only. Other features of tinder are the ability to make GIF messages, uploading profile pictures from your smartphone and liking the chat messages. It is one of the best apps for casual hookups. Find More Apps like Tinder

3. Hinge

Hinge App

The hinge will show you your potential dates who already friends with someone in your facebook friend list. It is great as you will meet someone whom you already came to know if not becoming friends. It will not raise the awkwardness of real-world social blowback, and you will meet people that you already know. The app will give you potential matches on a particular time on a daily basis. These matches are not randomly as it will select the ones whom you might already know on Facebook. More>>

4. Coffee Meets Bagel


Coffee Meets Bagel shows you, single people, every day. Then you can either pass it or take and that you can do in a limited amount of time that is 24 hours. This app will also show matches that you share mutual friends. If you take the match, then Coffee Meets Bagel will take you two in a private chat where you can talk and get to know each other. If it turns out well, then you can plan a date. It is also one of the best place to find hookups. More>>

5. Grindr


This app is for gays and bisexual people out there. You can set up a profile picture with your username. You can also see what type of person you are and what you like. Then you can chat with a potential match and make out the rest. Grindr is ad supported so if you are annoyed by the Ads then you can purchase the full version. Grindr is available for Android and iOS users. More>>

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6. Match


The Match is a free hook up app in which users can find potential matches. Set up profile pictures and set your profile then you are good to go for flirting online. New matches will be delivered daily, and you can also see who has checked your profile picture and liked your picture, but these features are available if you subscribe to Match.com. More>>

7. Plenty of Fish


Plenty of Fish aka instant hook up app has more than 70 million users, and this app is one among some of the most popular dating apps. Set up your profile including age, profession, and interest, etc. There are plenty of matches available on Plenty of Fish. More>>

8. DragonFruit


Dragonfruit is for the geeky people with interests that show that you are a geeky type. You must find people with similar interests as yours like in which fandom you are in or the comic that you like. So text your matches and talk about your geeky interests. More>>

9. HowAboutWe


This app is for those who are looking for real love or close to true love. HowAboutWe will give you the potential ideal date that you would like. You can meet matches offline to have an excellent relationship. More>>

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10. Align


Align is a mobile app, and it is only available for iOS users. So Align will find you a date with the potential match according to your Astrology signs. You will see some compatible Astrology signs which are having the same sign like yours. Visit

So these were the hookup apps for one night stand. You can choose any best sex apps from the list as per your choice.

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