Top 10 Best Kodi Skins for 2018 (XBMC Skins)

Top 10 Best Kodi Skins for 2018 (XBMC Skins)
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Kodi (formerly known as XBMC)that is the most incredible media player and users from all over the globe utilize for playing their media files like music, movies, shows, and all that stuff. This open source media player is available for free to play with several devices like PC, Mac, Android, Linux, Amazon Fire TV and other platforms too.

Kodi is the best one but have you experienced the real magic of having the Kodi as your primary player? Well, if not then, fortunately, you are at the right place because here you will find some of the best Kodi skins that include the real power of this player. Kodi has lots of Add-ons and it is the most exciting thing about the player and including Kodi XBMC skins improve the overall experience of using a Kodi player. So, let’s start further on installing and reading these

How to Install These Kodi Skins?

If you’re new to make the installation for these skins, then let me ease the process for you. The default skin is set to be Confluence but you can always change it following some steps that are quite simple.

First, open your Kodi and go to System.

Next, look for the option ‘Settings’ and now click on Appearance then Skins and then Get more. Here you can choose your favorite skin from the mentioned list.

How do you Change the Skins on Kodi?

What is the default skin for Kodi: Confluence is the default skin for Kodi when you install it for the first time Which is known to be the Kodi best skin.

To change the default Kodi skin, follow the below process:

–> Open Kodi -> System -> Settings -> Appearance -> Skins -> Get more

Check Out These Top 10 Best Kodi Skins 2018

As we have mentioned the steps to install and change Kodi Skins. So this is the time to know which are the best skins for Kodi, people using in 2018. We will also share Kodi skins download link for you.

#1 Aeon Nox


For Kodi player, Aeon Nox deserves being the top rank skin as it’s the most popular one among Kodi users since the skins’ installing took place in the Kodi history. So, as being a well-known skin that has already covered the Kodi of millions I put this on number one. Aeon Nox supports all the major devices and anyone can enjoy experiencing this skin that is very light and doesn’t make you Kodi loading forever. The skin includes both innovativeness yet simplicity so to get a classy modern look, Aeon is the one. Download Aeon

#2 Black Glass Nova


Black Glass makes its way on this list as it offers the unique experience for the looks of Kodi. Users always find this skin attractive and elegant as it’s very simple and easy to use that works very well on full HD screens. It’s very rich in graphics and provides several customizations according to users. So if you are planning on installing it for your home HD TV then go ahead with Black Glass Nova. Download Nova

#3 Eminence 2.0


Eminence feels like a skin that mainly focuses on cleanliness and simplicity to make users’ experience smooth yet taking care of modernism. That’s why it is one of the best Kodi skins that work not just smoothly but rapidly as well. It is pretty cool and full of some exciting features so users always find it pleasant to use. It may offer fewer customizations than other skins but for simplicity lovers, this is the right choice. Download Eminence

#4 Amber


Just like Eminence, Amber also offers a lightweight experience with a good amount of features and customization options. It offers a smooth run to its users and you can customize your screen horizontally or vertically.  You can tweak several things like home menu, home shelf and background as well. It’s a free skin with an easy interface and impressive looks. Download Amber

#5 ReFocus


ReFocus focuses on a beautiful interface and the skin is full of features that let you do various customizations. After having this one as your skin, you can decorate your home items, and do the artwork. Feel the touch support, bring several skin widgets, and much more with Refocus. The skin is very much rich in settings that also offers great graphics so accessible by any device. Download Refocus

#6 Mimic


If anyone wants a perfect blend of the skins ReFocus and Aeon Nox, then Mimic does the job very well as it mimics exciting features of both of these skins. The interface is all clear and there are lots of features that avail you several options to tweak your Kodi. There are customizations for home items and the skin also has a touch support and arts like TV shows logos. Mimic offers all these features but in a smooth environment and the skin supports most of the devices. So, it makes its place among these best Kodi skins. Download Mimic

#7 Nebula


Nebula is a simple looking fine skin that also includes some features. There is pretty much customization too and the skin works well with HD TVs. It supports the big screens flawlessly and those who want a light looking interface with great customizations can have this skin.  There are editing options available for home items; you can do some quality art with touch support, live TV, etc. For design, it may not be that much attractive but it does offer some great options in an efficient way. It’s a simple light and dark themed skin that looks great with your Kodi player. Download Nebula

#8 Xperience1080


Well, it’s a full black HD skin that supports the resolution of 1920×1080 so there is no doubt that it’s best for the bigger panel. It’s not just rich in graphics but it has several options for the home items that you can edit, it displays a horizontal home menu with tweaking of TV shows logos and other great things to do. Though it offers just partial touch support, it’s a great choice among Kodi users who want a great resolution skin with smooth functioning. Download Xperience

#9 Transparency


Another name is the fanart for this Transparency skin that lets you customize your home items in several ways. It works with TV shows logos and has a vertical home menu with several other options. So, yeah it can be a cool choice if you want a light skin with some great features. The skin comes all free to download and use and it provides full-screen views. Download Transparency

#10 Ace


Again, if you’re in search of a lightweight sin then this last skin ‘Ace’ can be a good choice for you. It offers plenty of customizations and options like Movies, TV shows, music, checking the weather, and there’s a lot to explore in settings. The only down thing is that live TV is not supported by Ace but as being rich in customizations, users always love trying Ace. Download Ace

How do I change the background on Kodi?

Below process will explain to add the custom background to your Kodi Player.

Step 1: Go to System > Settings

Step 2: Select Appearance

Step 3: Select Skin > Skin Settings

Step 4: Select Background Options

Step 5: Under the heading “Background” ensure Enable Custom Background is checked

Step 6: Select “Background Path” navigate to the folder with the image you want to use as Kodi background. If you “background Path” happens to begin with special:\\ fear not, there is a quick fix to this

Step 7: Select Programs on your Home Screen

Step 8: Select Program Add-ons > Maintenance Tool

Step 9: Select System Tweaks

Step 10: Select Wallpaper Download

Step 11: Select any folder from the list (we just want to set the download folder path)

Step 12: Select an image from the selected folder

Step 13: The Settings-Maintenance Tool window will appear.

Select OK > Select General Settings> Under the heading “Wallpaper Downloads” select “Wallpaper Download Directory”

Step 14: Now Select your folder path. If you’re on an Android device, I recommend inserting and SD card and directing the path to it. If you’re on a windows platform, you may want to select:

C: drive
Locate your user name
Pick a folder i.e Pictures

Step 15: Select ok

Step 16: Select ok again

Step 17: Navigate back to your home screen You will find your background image is gone. This is good!

Now select: System > Settings

Step 18: Select Appearance

Step 19: Select Skin > Skin Settings

Step 20: Select Background Options

Step 21: Select Background path

Step 22: Navigate to the folder you have stored your background image and select it And that’s it! Navigate to your home screen and your custom background should be in place. Enjoy!


The idea of trying out Kodi Skins is always exciting and so there are lots of skins on the market and some of the best Kodi skins I have already described you. Skins allow you to stylize your Kodi in your way by choosing from the wide options available. So, let’s try these Kodi skins and tell us which one seems the coolest to you.

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