Top 40+ Best Rainmeter Skins Themes for Windows 10/8.1/7

Top 40+ Best Rainmeter Skins Themes for Windows 10/8.1/7
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You are on this page because probably you are searching for RainMeter skins for Windows 10, 8.1 or 7. If yes, then talking forward about these skins let’s get to know what is RainMeter actually.

What is RainMeter?

The RainMeter software is designed for Windows platform that allows you to change the visuals of your desktop screen by making changes in the entire Windows interface. This software makes changes to the battery level, your Wi-Fi symbol, sound icon, media player, and other things that are visible to you on your screen. So, users who want a creative interface for their windows device go to the RainMeter by downloading and installing it.

Rainmeter is just a supporter and the entire magic is hidden behind those numerous skins or themes that are supported by this software just like Kodi does. Do check out best kodi skins There are several skins and the best RainMeter skins I’m going to show you here. So, get further in the way of knowing these. You can check their official website.

RainMeter Skins make your screen looking more appealing than ever. Plus you also get some helpful info on your screen using the software and themes like the Clock, Email, Weather and some other elements.

Best Themes & Skins for Rainmeter in 2017/2018

#1 Newspaper Desktop


It looks like an old-days theme just like that newspaper we used to read in the 90s. The skin shows you that same Newspaper visual with a cup of coffee and some extra widgets on the screen. Also, it is amazing for those who want a vintage looking newspaper styled theme for their screens. It’s not just any news but it keeps you updated with the latest news and headlines for that particular day with other info like RAM usage, weather conditions, Network, etc.


#2 Enigma

enigma rainmeter skin theme

With Enigma, you can set just any wallpaper and enjoy this one from the themes for rainmeter where you can style your screen as per your choice. This one seems really useful as it offers a wide range of customization where you can include RSS feeds, it displays RAM and CPU usage, active processes, Weather, quick notes and much more. So if you want a lot of features to try, then Enigma is a perfect choice.


#3 Tech-A

Tech A is an incredible theme for the users who want something like futuristic or sci-fi. This Cool Rainmeter skin remains active on the screen of your PC along with displaying all the necessary data going on. IT shows the working of your system that includes current date and time, RAM and CPU usage with other widgets in science fiction form.


#4 Razor

One of the best RainMeter skins is the Razor that represents a green-themed screen again in the sci-fi interface. The screen helps you very much if you eagerly want to know what’s happening inside the CPU. So this theme can do wonders if you want to stay aware of every process going on. This theme is just perfect to get all the data on the screen such as Power status, Network strength, system libraries, RAM and CPU status, weather story and all.


#5 Speed

Those who are in love with automotive things can straight go and install this theme as your Rainmeter next skin. The theme brings you a frosted and bluish car directly on your screen promoting a speed like an effect. You can blend it up with simple looking wallpaper so there will be less rush on your screen. Additionally, it also offers all the basic widgets like other skins.


#6 Senja Suite

People who love seeing their desktop all active but in elegant and simple form can refer to this theme called SENJA SUITE. The theme majorly promotes cleanliness while providing all the required info on how your CPU is processing. It is a simple theme and so it provides basic information and widgets.


#7 Galaxy Suite Rainmeter

Again a neat and clean theme for the rainmeter that provides you clear visuals on the screen of your PC. The theme looks like the universe or the galaxy sometimes in the purple shade and that looks really awesome. Having a clear interface, this theme always attracts simplicity lovers with a hint of universal things right on your screen. According to the theme, your entire interface such as icons, folders, and overall desktop gets changed.


#8 Switchin

Switchin offers you a classy looking theme with minimal hassle and also a bar on the upper side of your desktop. It offers the basic customizations and status of the processing power in a simple view. You can check everything that the theme offers by just hovering the mouse over that bar displayed on the screen. It is both stylish and user-friendly and yeah it looks cool too. So, go with modest looking wallpaper and mix it with the theme to yield the perfect looking screen.


#9 Neon Space

Just as its name, it is purely a space theme in which visuals promote a glowy space and the animations are always perfect for this one. If you think yourself as a universe lover, then you won’t go wrong with the theme. Also, it provides all the required data on the screen that means

CPU and RAM usage, Date and Time, Climate, etc.


#10 Eker Lina

Users who want to go for a neat info of your CPU status with all the interface changes can head to this clean theme Eker Lina. The layout is such a simple looking thing that provides box like objects on your screen. These display the data like Time and Date, Weather, RSS feeds, and drives, folders, icons according to the theme.


#11 Battlefield 3

This one among these themes for Rainmeter is purely based on the game Battlefield 3. It provides a good interface that includes action on the screen with the main poster of Battlefield. To access things easily, the theme provides you a sidebar in that you can include any app you open frequently. You get the clock, CPU status, Network usage, and all the shortcuts you put in the sidebar.


#12 Monstercat Visualizer

The theme focuses on the monstrous looking wallpaper with all the icons and folders according to the design. Anyone who particularly feels keeping a monster like a screen a good thing can go for this skin. The theme will suit you if you are a diehard fan of action or sci-fi games. The wallpaper is the one that sets the entire environment like the monster and it also counts all the things like Ram, CPU, weather, etc.


#13 Encoded

The theme gives you four interfaces that are black, white, gray, red that you can choose from. The theme without any doubt offers an eye-catching interface for your PC or any Windows device. The four color schemes display different type of widgets and the design goes according to a particular color. The theme enables you to have a music player widget, time and date, RAM meter, Weather, hover effects, etc.


#14 Morph

A classy effect for your computer’s screen is waiting for you with Morph. It seems like an abstract design where icons and widgets are all soothing and soft looking. Wallpaper with less fuzz and clean background makes a perfect combo for this theme.


#15 Jarvis and Shield

The theme looks like a world of Iron Man where you get an animation in the form of the Iron Man and all other widgets seem like his mechanics. As being a fan of superheroes, you will not be able to resist this theme and you should not because it’s perfectly built action hero theme. The theme is available for Windows 7, 8 or 10 that you can use to customize your desktop with a heroic environment.


#16 Aliens

The screen goes gorgeous when you pair up this theme with perfect wallpaper that justifies the alien skin. So pair up perfectly and get the advantage of Aliens skin with all the widgets and tools like date and time, Power status, downloading process, etc.


#17 Before Dawn

It doesn’t have anything creative but it suits the most if you want a simple theme. Before Dawn makes the ranking whenever there is a talk about simple yet modern looking rainmeter theme. The entire thing is very neatly organized that displays you all basic information.


#18 Windows 2019

Want to lose you in the world of black and white fantasy then this pack of Windows 2019 ephemeris for you. The theme offers you the notification bar where you receive regular updates with widgets of weather, Music and a proper arrangement of icons.


#19 Darkness Falls

It’s quite a dark theme so it always suites with the wallpaper with the somewhat dark scenery.

This one ranks number nineteen among the best themes for rainmeter that provides a clean interface and a bar at the bottom. You see everything in the dark mode and it all feels like a fantasy world when decorated with the perfect type of wallpaper.


#20 Pileus Suite

Those who are in love with artistic things can choose the Pileus suite. The theme mainly promotes various color effects for the entire interface like widgets, folders, drives, and apps.

When you get this theme, the entire screen and the menu looks painted just like a vivid picture. Here CPU usage is in the graph form to make it look different from other themes and the rest is also extraordinary, so set this one if you are in need of rainmeter skins for windows 10 or just any version of windows.


#21 Unity

It’s nothing but simple and very beautiful shades of different colors and it lies in the theme called Unity. It’s very normal yet unique that comes with no special functioning but it’s great if you want some easy display of information.


#22 Elegance 2

Another one just like its name, it is very good for professionals or people who want a clean interface. It’s a good source to get info about your system in a clean manner. Overall, a theme that promotes simplicity and elegance.


#23 Obsidian

It falls among the most user-friendly rainmeter skins for windows 10, 8 or 7. It allows you easy access to folders, apps or widgets. It lets you arranging useful apps on the screen that you can open with just a click. It’s also good at displaying weather, time, and other factors in small looking boxes.


#24 Mass Effect

If you want to roam around in a theme that is built on the visuals of the universe, then Mass Effect deserves being on your screen. You can set it brilliantly with any space wallpaper or image that displays universe objects. This theme will change the overall appearance by changing those icons, apps, folder and everything.


#25 LIM!T

To keep yourself from a messy space, fill it with LIM!T and get an elegant and awesome looking screen. It doesn’t load you up with lots of content but allows only valuable items. You can get access to CPU and RAM usage, media player, Date and time and weather.


#26 Wisp

The theme displays same effects like a wisp. And if you get wallpaper representing wisps then you are going to have an incredible looking screen. The screen offers you all the info just anywhere that you can move accordingly for CPU, Date and Time, Temperature, etc.


#27 End of the World

Go to the imaginary word by installing ‘End of the World’ where things don’t look normal and full of unique interface. Get a wallpaper with a scenario representing destruction and you’re all set. Here all the icons and widgets are sci-fi form and lots of customization options.


#28 My Rainmeter Desktop

Again, get a reverse effect by installing my rainmeter desktop theme and get your old school screen into a spectacular space. You get the objects like sun, moon, stars, and galaxies and enjoy customizing things.


#29 Horde

A dark theme with simplicity and elegance that makes the interface an easily accessible place. The theme brings you display on both sides that looks awesome with a grayish wallpaper.

You can also put your apps for quick launching every time you need it.


#30 Pog Pack

The theme gets you a difficult field having a display of clusters holding instruments. So, it’s kinda sci-fi theme but accessing is really easy for all the apps and widgets displaying time, weather and other necessary data. You can take advantage of an even stronger theme by getting matching wallpaper and enjoy this one of the best RainMeter skins.


#31 Steel Plates With Pipes

If you want a skin that provides a complete customization to your screen then go with this giant Steel Plates with Pipes skin. The skin offers you a complete interface where you can customize every single thing. It takes care of every single detail like CPU, HDD, Music player, and other customizations.


#32 Magic Skins

This theme keeps all things organized in a bar down on the screen. You can add apps of your choice in the bar so you can open them with just a click. So whatever seems necessary can be dropped on the bar like music player, browse, alarm, photo viewer, etc.


#33 B&R Radar Clock

If you love being into aero things then this is the theme that is captivating enough to be on your screen. The entire theme is aero based where everything displays in form of radars. The entire environment sets a blueprint of an airplane for every single detail. There are several things that can be customized according to user’s choice.


#34 Toxic

Toxic is a simple dark skin that comes with wallpaper matching with the name ‘Toxic.’ All the gadgets showing CPU status and other info seem perfect with the wallpaper and an analog clock is always viewable on the screen. When you want to find a natural effect on your PC’s screen, you can recognize it one of the best RainMeter clock skin.


#35 Moonglow

Moonglow provides a simple interface where info is displayed inside the boxes. Thid way you get status for CPU, RAM, Speed, battery life, weather condition, date, time, etc.


#36 Simple Media

Just as its name suggests, simple media offers a basic interface that blends well with any simple looking wallpaper. The theme allows you to have all the basic info on the screen such as Time and date, weather condition and you can select the required apps on the home screen too.


#37 Orange Glow

The skin introduces an orange themed screen with dark shades of mixed colors. It looks really cool when you arrange your desktop using this theme and have all those widgets and apps on the screen. The entire color combination is spectacular for sure so just go for the theme and enjoy having Orange Glow.


#38 Raleway Skin

For nature lovers, this is a must-have theme that provides a light aura to the screen. The wallpaper sets a simple interface with all the important info on the screen. For a classy view, you can have this one and tag all the important stuff.


#39 Simple Dock

To create a really simple interface with the dock on the screen you better choose Simple Dock among these best RainMeter skins. Simple Dock as its name offers you a dock or the bar on the screen that can be used to store apps that you use regularly. So you don’t need to search the entire PC just for the apps and you can access them with just a click.


#40 Rising Reflection Interface

Our last one is basically a form of the dawn where your screen gets a graphic like an early morning or the sun is about to rise. In the sidebar, you can store your useful data like apps and other widgets. Time and date are always on the other side of the screen that you can always blend with your choice of wallpapers.


How to Install Rainmeter Skins?

Here are the steps on How to Install Rainmeter Skins easily on our PC. There are always two ways and you can follow any of the one below.

#1 Install Rainmeter Skins Automatically

  • To automatically install the rainmeter skin you need to download it in .rmskin format.
  • When the skin is downloaded, just double-click on it.
  • A new window with name Rainmeter skin installer will appear where you just need to make the setting as per your choice.
  • After making required customizations, click on Install and it will enable the theme on your PC.

A package a theme comes up with several options and features. But you don’t need them all, so you can choose the desired options only by simply unchecking the undesired options. This will load the theme with selected choices only.

#2 Install Rainmeter Skins Manually

If you have the rainmeter skin package in the format like .zip/.rar or .7z then it takes a manual installation as it’s not in the official .rmskin format. Often old skins come with these formats that require manual installation. So here are the steps:

  • First go to the downloaded skins folder that is in ZIP, RAR or 7Z format.
  • Now you need to extract the folder, so select the extract option by right-clicking the folder.
  • It will show you all the files included in the package. Now you need to search for a file named ‘readme.txt’ that comes with all the instructions.
  • If the file is there then go to the toolbar and right click on the rainmeter’s icon.
  • Then go to Skins and hover over it and select Open Folder.
  • Next, you just need to drag the extracted folder into this Skins’s folder and that particular theme gets installed.
  • To turn the theme on, right click on the rainmeter icon, hover over Skins and then hover over your theme and choose the version you want on your PC and you are done.


So here We have described 40 RainMeter best skins that you can always replace with your old screen and make the PC screen alive again. These options are really gonna serve you for a long time so just get these themes and make your windows looking cool.

If you want any new skin, mention in comments.

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