10 Most Popular Torrent Search Engine 2018 [Working]

10 Most Popular Torrent Search Engine 2018 [Working]
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Even though most torrent sites in past few years were shut down because of Governments and Copyright organizations tried to pull some strings just to keep them from existing, people still find a way to use it without any additional problem.

The shutdown of KickAss Torrent was the last thing that happened to significant players. Smaller sites attract much less attention and therefore, they are not so problematic.

However, when you have meta-search engine, you can easily find them and use their torrent files.

The main problem with favorite torrent sites is that they are always on the line when it comes to copyright regulations. That glory goes with a downside as we can see.

Two things happened that created a mess in the world of the torrent: KickAss and Torrentz went down and disappeared.

The most significant search engine in the history of torrent just went down one day without saying. Millions of people were disappointed, and still, we see effects of that moment.

What is meta-search engine?

By definition, meta-search engines are search engines that search other search engines. In this particular case, we talk about torrents.

To understand what meta-search engine is, you have to know how a search engine functions. The search engine is an algorithm that visits billions of websites and creates a database of sorts. This is known as an index.

That means that whenever you make a search query, you will get pages that resemble what you have asked based on billions of websites.

Meta-search engines don’t have their index, and they take advantage of other search engines. They are their high points.

Metasearch engine pulls off results from other search engines such as Bing or Google and uses its algorithms to create the relevant results.

10 Best Torrent search engine

The most famous meta-search engine is Torrentz. However, there are lots of smaller search engines that gained prominence after the main one fell. We decided to present you ten most popular torrent search engines.



This is also an excellent torrent search engine that also hosts some content. It is overgrowing, and the main reason because of that is a more extensive audience that searches for latest TV shows, movies, games, and software.

The best thing about this fantastic website is that you will get new content every single day. The interface is simple to understand, and you will get the possibility to download movies through torrent, which is a unique feature.

We recommend you to check comments under each torrent so that you make sure that file is indeed what you want to download.


Torrentz2 eu

We all know about this fantastic search engine. As soon as the first version went down, a year ago, the other one became popular few months later. This particular site was launched 13 years ago with more than 26 million torrents in its search database.

The best thing about Torrentzis that you can enjoy an intuitive and user-friendly interface that will provide you search results in a matter of seconds.

The service won’t provide you additional information about content, but you will still be able to find numerous smaller torrent sites that will offer you entire content and quality.



Torrent-Finder is an excellent way to enjoy in a multi-search engine that will find more than 130 torrent sites from one single page.

You just have to manually type the keyword or the name of the content that you want to download, and you will get all sites that contain same or similar things in their database.

You will get search results in seconds, which means that it is reliable and perfect.

The main downside is that site doesn’t guarantee you the safety of torrent, which means that you have to be cautious.



This particular website is perfect because you will be able to browse through 500 torrent sites without any additional problem. The best thing about this most famous torrent search engine is that it contains a healthy community of fans that will always leave a comment about lousy quality torrent and rate it so that you can get much more convenience and security.

When it comes to interface, it is similar as Torrentz2, and it will help you manually find any torrent that you want.



Toorgle is one of the most popular torrent search engines where you can search more than 450 websites at the same time without any additional problem.

There are numerous things and features that you will have, and the best thing about it is that its user-interface is similar to Google’s organic search.



Torrentus is one of the latest meta-search engines for a torrent that was launched two years ago. People started using it because it contains perfectly designed website and simple interface that will make you love it.

The best thing about it is that you can browse through 40 international torrent sites and trackers and enjoy in the database with more than 8 million torrent files.

You can also leave a comment in case that you want to say something about a file or get detailed info about some releases. There is integrated blog where you can find more about BitTorrent community.


Sky torrents

Skytorrents is one of the best torrent search engines, and even though it is the youngest on this list, you will still be able to enjoy in its immersive and huge database. You don’t have to worry about content because almost anything that you type will be available in the next few seconds.

Just check how many people use it on visit calculator at the home page, and you will understand everything.


idop se

The best thing about idope.se is that contains a clean and simple user interface that will make you enjoy all the way. It is also a new search engine that will not track your IP address which is convenient security measure that will protect you from ISP penalties.

At the same time, there are no ads and pop-ups so you can finally relax and enjoy browsing without any additional problem. According to its creator, they developed this search engine in tribute to KickAss Torrent. There is also a mobile version of the website that will make you excited all the way.



This is a torrent search engine that contains simple UI, and it is built to resemble and become alternative to most popular torrent search engine Torrentz. It will provide you many search results from The Pirate Bay and KickAss torrent mirror sites and other tracers.


Torrent Search Engine Veoble

Even though it was unavailable in one moment; this website is today one of the most popular ones on the internet. In the same time, you will get access to more than 25 domains and their content. According to the home page, you will get torrent file results from 28 domains.

You can search more than 28 million torrent files, which is the most significant number that we have on this particular list.

You don’t have to register, but in case that you do, you can take a voting feature and create content on the website so that it can stay perfect as it is.

 Kickass Torrent

Just like all the Torrent site, Kickass Torrent also hold the huge amount of data and file which includes movies, wallpaper, music, and game. 


  • Get access to all the data files including the movie. 
  • Just type the desired name of the movie and simply download instantly. 
  • You can run the site 30 different languages. 


The Pirate Bay is another Torrent site having the BitTorrent protocol and having the largest collection of data mostly movies and videos and games etc. 


  • Get instant download links and site list for the movie download. 
  • You can choose the file type and choose the file to download.

You can visit this link for more free movies – https://nodstrum.com/free-movie-streaming-websites-no-signup/


We have presented you ten most popular torrent search engines today. The main problem with torrent websites is when they become too much simplified, copyright organizations and ISPs try to take it down. But you don’t have to worry because we have lost a battle, but the war is on our side.

There are numerous torrent mirror sites that you can check quickly, so we cannot say that the world of free downloading is over. It has just begun,

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