How to Cancel Subscription/Membership

How to Cancel Subscription/Membership
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Netflix is the well-known network for streaming movies, TV shows, and other popular media in almost every genre and region. Also, it supports several significant platforms so you can have it on your iPad, iPhone, and Android phone, TV or just PC. As it’s the legendary service of streaming content online, it offers all its services on the premium membership.

But the most excellent feature of Netflix is that one month trial period that you can activate just anytime. If, you don’t think that it’s worth spending bucks, then no problem because Netflix offers to cancel the auto-renewal too without asking you any questions.

What happens if I cancel early?

Even if you cancel your Netflix membership early before ending one month free trial, you can still access your account and watch content until one month.

What if I decide to re-start my account?

You can restart your account at any time as Netflix won’t delete email from their database. It also keeps your history until 10 months hence you can start from where you left off.

How do I cancel my Netflix account in Australia/India?

The process for cancelling Netflix plan is same everywhere which you can follow in below steps.



How Do I Cancel Netflix Membership Plan

So if you also wanna cancel that subscription but don’t know how to delete Netflix membership, then this article is the relevant one in this case. Here I‘ll tell you cancelling the membership using different platforms so you can pick accordingly.

#1 Cancels Netflix membership Using iPhone/iPad

The first method is for the iPhone/iPad users who want to cancel their membership before the month ends so you won’t charge anything. Here follow these steps:

  • Go to your iPhone’s settings.
  • Now click on iTunes and App Store.

How to Cancel Netflix

  • As you click this option, you will see Apple ID on the top and click on that. Click on View Apple ID.
  • Here at the bottom, you see an option Manage under the Subscription section that you need to click on.
  • After you tap it, you see all your subscriptions and choose Netflix here.

How to Cancel Netflix

  • As the last step, it will ask you to turn it off, so just tap on this option, and you’re done unsubscribing your membership.

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#2 Cancel My Netflix Account Using iTunes

Copy these steps and unsubscribe the Netflix membership using iTunes. Do check best itunes alternatives.

  • Open the iTunes and sign in.
  • Now click your name in the top bar and go to Account info.
  • It will ask your password that you need to out here with your account’s ID.
  • You can access the settings of your account and click on Manage option situated in the front of subscriptions.
  • Your subscriptions will be shown there, and you need to tap on edit option next to the Netflix.
  • As you click Edit, you see all the details regarding your Netflix subscription and an option for Automatic renewal.

How to Cancel Netflix

  • You are done just after you turn off that automatic renewal, and you won’t be charged anything for your one month free trial.

#3 Cancel the Membership Using Web Browser

You can deactivate Netflix subscription before the month ends and still enjoy the streaming services for 30 days from the trial date using a web browser without any charges. So here go to these steps:

  • First, open your Netflix page using the web browser.
  • Enter your email id and password to open up the account.

How to Cancel Netflix


  • Next, click on finish cancellation and you are done, guys.

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#4 Deactivate Netflix via Android App

The next method is about how to delete Netflix subscription using the android app. Guys if you access the Netflix account via android app then there is nothing to panic about. Just follow these steps:

  • Open up your Netflix app on the Android smartphone.
  • Access your menu by clicking the navigation symbol on the left.
  • Here you will see settings that you need to tap on.
  • Here you will be directed to a webpage in the browser with an option Cancel membership.
  • So just scroll down until you see this option and click on that.
  • Next screen will ask your confirmation, and you need to click on Confirm or Finish Cancellation.

The process has taken its place, and by now your membership has been cancelled. If ever you want to reactivate the account and make the premium membership then you just sign in and follow the steps. Netflix keeps all the info saved for next ten months so if you get back in that duration, you will find all your choices saved in your account.

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