Top 20 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives to Watch Free Movies

Top 20 Best Coke and Popcorn Alternatives to Watch Free Movies
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What can be better than streaming movies when you have nothing to do? So whenever you are ideal you go straight to Coke and Popcorn movie streaming website and enjoy your favorite TV shows or movies. But If you are bored with this site or not able to find your favorite movies and now it’s time to look forward to best Coke and Popcorn alternatives? If yes, then go along with the article because you are going to find some really cool alternative for the website.

Popular movie streaming websites and shut down; here are top three alternatives. Before you read about below sites check free movie streaming sites which require no signup.


Here are the Top 20 Best Coke and Popcorn Movie Streaming site Alternatives

Don’t worry, you can always use cokeandpopcorn if it’s your favorite site but there is nothing wrong with trying some cool alternatives to this free streaming site. So, let’s get in the pool of these amazing substitutes and find your next favorite.

#1 Netflix Streaming

Netflix streaming

Netflix is the most known website when it comes to the sites that provide the best streaming services. The only difference is that the site charges you and you need to take up a subscription to gain access to TV shows and movies. The membership is totally worth the purchase as Netflix never goes out of content since 1997. Netflix has millions of subscribers who have been experiencing its media services and recognize it among the best popcorn and coke alternatives.

#2 Hulu Streaming

Hulu streaming

Hulu without any doubts deserves to be among these best sites like Coke and Popcorn as it steams you all type of content like movies, sports, and TV shows. As Hulu is among the well-known streaming sites so it charges you a membership but you are free to get a trial so you can feel the experience and then go for the membership if you want. Hulu is a single place where you can access all type of media without going anywhere else. It features the live TV, Movies that are trending, Past seasons of TV shows, Current seasons and much more.

#3 Popcornflix


When you are on the way of finding perfect alternatives to that site, Popcornflix makes the place. The site offers you an incredible streaming experience so you are able to watch your preferred TV shows or movies that run very smoothly and enhance user experience. The overall design seems impressive and the navigation of the site is just right so you can easily find your type of categories. Here you can choose from categories like Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Romance, Sci-Fi, Tis the season and many more. The site features you all the popular shows and movies that you have never seen before.

#4 Crackle


Crackle brings you a whole new experience for streaming TV shows and movies of different genres. It’s a well-known streaming site that can be your next alternative to Coke and Popcorn. Crackle is all free to download for your smartphone as the app offers an excellent range of movies and TV shows. Here you can find a wide content that includes full-length movies, shows, clips, trailers and other elements to keep your entertainment to the fullest. The library includes all type of genres from horror to Comedy and it’s all free of cost.

#5 Tubi TV

Watch Free Movies and TV Shows Online on Tubi TV

It’s the third one that is recognized among the best Coke and Popcorn alternatives. Anyone who loves watching HD content can head straight to this streaming website for a wide array of entertainment. It offers you free data to watch from your choice of things just like the Crackle and Popcornflix. The site remains active and as a result, it receives regular updates so there is always something new to explore. It looks amazing in bluish and reddish shades and the site is accessible on many platforms like Android, iOS, Xbox, Amazon, Chromecast, etc.


This streaming site has an amazing access as it depicts all the latest updates on the main page itself. So you can regularly visit the site and watch the latest content whenever your brain urges for new movies. Also, you can filter by your choice so you can access the top-rated content from the movies and TV shows. Right now, the site is offering the movie ‘Naked’ by Marlon Wayans as the latest update. features endless content to ensure that their users don’t go out of videos.

#7 Viewster

Thai streaming site has all of Anime, Drama, Thrillers, documentaries and other popular picks.

Users are able to view the animated content as well along with the Korean Drama, Musicals, Romance, etc. So of course, the site is full of a quality collection in decent viewing and for the Korean Drama, Viewster really gets the top rank. You can always bookmark your content that you wish to watch later as it’s a newly launched feature of Viewster. The site can be greatly enjoyed by downloading the app for your smartphones.

#8 SnagFilms

Snagflims free streaming

This is kinda site that also offers motivational stuff like videos related to Youth & Education, Athletes and Their Triumphs, Climate-related videos, and even Gay Prides. So, it obviously scores among the best Coke and Popcorn alternatives. This website really seems full of content and those who quickly get out of stuff must visit this site and take experience.

There are always movies on SnagFilms that has crossed a collection of over 2000 movies. The entire content is free of cost and it is accessible via your PC, phone or tablet. This seems a revolutionary streaming website when you are in search of some incredible Coke and Popcorn alternatives. Its navigation displays two main categories- Movies and Shows and by clicking it you can choose your genre and continue watching.

#9 TubeFilter

It opens a wide world of digital entertainment for you that streams latest web series, news and not just TV shows and movies. Also, numerous award shows are available and reviews for several entertainment episodes can be viewed too. Tubefilter acts like a search engine that gets you latest content like ‘Behind the scenes’ for any particular episode and stories on several latest topics. Users can choose any specific category from Insights, Youtube, Millionaire and the site represents you the data in respect of the category chosen.

#10 Sidereel

By visiting Sidereel you get to know about top shows and movies to watch. It surely gives you a great streaming experience so it is ready to be on the list of best Coke and Popcorn alternatives.

Sidereel is full of thousands of TV shows and movies, alongside it offers Premieres & Finales, Buzz, Trending content, and other elements that are worth watching. Users who are always in search of some rich content to view can head to Sidereel that has the finest community of millions of users.

#11 BigStar Movies

By visiting BigStar Movies, you gain access to thousands of movies, shows that feature a wide array of categories. Here categories include Award Winning, Latest, Most Popular, Classics, Animation, Drama, Musical and much more to explore right here on this giant website.

BIgstar like its name features a big series of all genres and the navigation itself is very well-designed that takes good care of users’ experience. Another bonus is the non-requirement of registration so you don’t have to go through any registration process.


I have to say the site offers you a very well-maintained experience and the tidiness is what attracts the users worldwide other than its great content. It displays the Featured Movies, Latest Movies, and Latest TV-Series right after opening the website. To get more content, you can always check the navigation bar that includes Genre, TV-Series categories, and all the content by Year as well. So those who prefer a well-managed streaming website can go for the solarmovie as your next choice of streaming.

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#13 Niter Movies

Niter is a huge platform that features Movies and TV Series in several classifications. Here you can easily access the recently added movies and keep scrolling if you wish to visit next pages to explore more. The website just like any other alternative offers you genres such as Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography and others and you can also check the option by year if you want to feature movies made in any particular year.


Vumoo offers you a fine experience with searching and watching videos. It is loaded with lots of content that includes both movies and TV shows. The site is able to feature several categories under its Browse button and it takes you to options like Currently Watching, Popular, New Releases, etc. If you are a fan of animation, then the site is also rich in providing you animated movies. The site is one that features a wide traffic of videos for streaming purposes. The rating system here enables you to choose the movies that are worth your time as you won’t go for low ratings.

#15 Crunchyroll

The site enables you watching hundreds of anime shows like Naruto Shippuden, Attack on Titan, Dragon Ball, etc. So, those who feel a particular interest in watching animation or manga can refer to this site. As being a popular manga site, developers are doing their job very well as the entire site looks arranged for every category. Here, the site features manga news to so you can read as well other than enjoying media. There is an option of Forums too that enables you to connect to the site in a better way where you can access the discussions anytime.

# 16 Cartoon Crazy.Net

Just like its name, if you are crazy about watching the cartoon and animated things, CartoonCrazy brings you the fun. It shows you high-quality animations where you can stream full length of animation series at just no cost. The site has thousands of registered members and the chat option enables you to have a conversation with them. There is no trouble of language as the site offers you dubbed episodes where you can access the latest and new updates episodes.

#17 Vudu

Vudu is another great option for the best Coke and Popcorn movies site as you can have a watch to your favorite movies and TV shows anytime. Vudu allows you rent any movies or episodes and watch them anywhere you want. It is available for both Android and iOS and with this streaming website, you can never go out of content. It always features latest movies that you can stream and there’s no need to download them.

#18 Movie

The site has a pretty good navigation and it’s one of the excellent features is that you can watch new releases here. It also shows the quality of new movies beforehand on the posters with the possible date of HD release and when you hover over the movie you the genres a movie includes like Crime, Thriller, Horror or others. It allows discussions as well in case new user feels confusion about anything. They also feature Top 200, Best of 2016 and 2017, and Just arrived HDs.

#19 Yidio

The second last comes as the that is a fantastic place to watch your favorite media in very good quality. It allows streaming of episodes and movies that you can watch without going to any subscription. Here, you can access the series of live shows and movies that are trending at the moment. All the media is available in high quality and the website gets regular updates so users can consider it one of the best Coke Popcorn alternatives.

#20 HD Online

HD Online may be the last one on this list but it’s an excellent place to get well-organized movies that are all in HD quality. The site requires no sign-up or downloading and you are free to access just by browsing it. It offers you options like Movies by Countries, Genre, and A-Z. Also, it doesn’t support ads so there is nothing irritating and the entire interface is very smooth.

Final words

These are top 20 best Coke and Popcorn Movies alternatives for those who are passionate about watching movies and don’t want any hassle. Coke and Popcorn is a perfect source of entertainment but these sites mentioned here are not less than that and guarantee to offer you the latest media in the form of movies, TV shows, and other content. So, let’s try these streaming sites and share your opinions.

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