How to Delete or Deactivate Lyft Account

How to Delete or Deactivate Lyft Account
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Lyft is a fantastic service that provides you convenience or traveling via cars organized by Lyft. Here all drivers are Lyft verified that ensure you the maximum level of safety in every single ride. Today the network is enormous that started from San Francisco as its base. Lyft offers several platforms to access the service such as iOS, Android, Amazon, etc.

Lyft is a handy form of transportation that is accessible just via an app. You need to enter the phone number and your registration is done on Lyft. You can get all necessary details about the driver, pay him at the end of the ride and give him ratings.

However, if you feel like you should leave using Lyft service or you don’t need it anymore then here you can get to know how to cancel Lyft account.

How to Delete Lyft Account?

How to Delete Lyft Account

Before getting to the steps of deleting it, remember that uninstalling it from your phone doesn’t make your data deleted. The account remains active, and you still get all the notification on your email.

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One More thing that deleting Lyft account is not possible on your own because there is no delete button or any option that erases your profile’s information from the Lyft database. You can only cancel Lyft account by contacting the Lyft team or their customer support. The process is same for all whether you are Lyft driver or rider. In case if you are a driver then you don’t have to be worried about payment because it is automatically transferred to your bank account.

#1 Deactivate Lyft Using the Contact Support Form

  • Select this URL: or you can go to the official page of Lyft manually.
  • Once you reach there, you will see the option Contact Support. Just press the button and there a form will arrive on the screen.
  • There are several fields in the form that needs to be filled up.
  • The first field is: enter your email, so you are supposed to enter the same email you used for account creation on Lyft.
  • In the next field which is Subject, enter Delete my Account.
  • After that, enter your name.
  • Now, enter your phone number that was linked to the account or the Lyft app.
  • Next, from the option ‘What we can help you with’ choose Lyft account.
  • If any other box arrives such as additional details, then fill it up.
  • You may be required to attach your license if you are a driver photo ID in case you are a passenger.
  • Now you can click Submit button, and your form will be submitted.

You need to wait a few days to get the reply from the support team. So have patience while your request is in progress. You will receive a confirmation mail from the customer support for your account deletion so check it regularly. Contacting their help system is the only way to delete your Lyft account.

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#2 Deactivate Lyft Using Your Email Provider

The second method to deactivate the Lyft account is to send the customer support an email regarding your issue. You can use any email service provider like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.

  • First, sign in to your email account using the email id and password and other authentication step required.
  • Go to compose mail and fill in the required fields.
  • These fields are receiver’s email id, subject line, and the space to write your concern in detail.
  • Enter this email address into the receiver’s email section:
  • Now in the subject field, mention this sentence: Delete my Lyft Account
  • In the next and last part, you need to clarify that you want Lyft to delete all your details from their database.

Format of the Application

Dear customer support

Here I am submitting a request in which I want Lyft to delete all my profile’s information from the database.

Here are my account details:

Phone number:

Reason for account deletion:

I’ll be waiting for your response.

Thank you.

Fill all these fields with your name, contact number that you used at the time of account creation, and the reason why do you want to leave the services.

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