How to Delete Kik Account [Messages & Pictures] Temporarily and Permanent

How to Delete Kik Account [Messages & Pictures] Temporarily and Permanent
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Well, Kik is a fantastic messaging app that requires nothing but just your username and email id to create an account. But due to any reason if you want to delete your Kik account and no longer want to use it, then you are at the right place.

Here I’m going to show you both ways to kik deactivation- temporarily and permanently. After removing your account, your friends will no more be able to see you. So if you have made your mind then here are the two methods. You can check out some hookup apps

Delete Kik Account

Verify Your Email Address

Well, before going to anything else you need to proceed with the fundamentals to deactivate the Kik account. First, you should know your email address because it’s the vital thing that helps you clicking that link of deactivation.

  • Open your Kik messenger app on your phone.
  • Sign in there or if it is an auto sign in then proceed further.
  • Now, go to the settings icon and click on Account.


  • Here you can see your username that you need to note down and look for your email address and note it down too.

These both factors are mandatory to know in order to make a permanent deactivation. Make sure you still remember all the details of your email address mentioned in the Kik account.

If you think you have changed the email address and no longer have access to the previous one, then mention new email address in the Kik account and then proceed with any of these two methods.

Methods on How to Delete your Kik Account Forever

#1 Temporary Deactivation

Well, you can remove your Kik account for a certain amount of time or temporary if you don’t wish to access it for now. So all your details and data will be saved, and you just need to sign in again to access your account. Reactivation is comfortable at any point of time, so here are the steps to delete it for the time being:

  • Visit the kik deactivation website: in the browser.
  • Here you are asked to enter the email address associated with the Kik account.
  • After entering the email address click on Go.

deactivate kik

  • Now you need to open your email id and check the confirmation email from Kik.
  • Once you find the message, click on that link and it will redirect you to the deactivation page.
  • There you just tap deactivate and fill up your reason to leave, and you are done.

#2 Permanent Deactivation

Well if you have finally made your mind to permanently deactivate kik, then the second method is for you. Remember that all the data will be gone and you will no longer to sign in with that same username or email address. You will be invisible permanently from the Kik database. So follow these steps to completely delete your Kik profile:

  • Visit the kik deactivation website: using any browser.
  • Here you will be asked to enter the username.
  • After entering the username, put your email address there that is connected to your Kik account.
  • You will be prompted to select a reason for leaving. Just select any reappropriate reason.
  • Next, check the box that confirms that you understand what you are doing.
  • Click on the Go and check your email address for the confirmation link.
  • Once you click on the link, it redirects you and shows you a message that your account has been permanently deleted.

So, these are all the steps, and by using them, you will deactivate Kik Account permanently. Your friends won’t see you on their list or the search results. All the kik message and notification from Kik will no longer be available. Your profile will be entirely removed. Also, you won’t be able to restart the account again.

In Future, if you need to activate the account then you have to enter all the new details to create a new account. Remember that your account has been deleted but not your messaging app. You have to uninstall it on your own.

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