8 Best iTunes Alternatives to Sync Music to iPhone, iPad

8 Best iTunes Alternatives to Sync Music to iPhone, iPad
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Check out the Best iTunes Alternatives of 2018 includes Free and Paid option. Sync music to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with iTunes. Itunes is easily the largest software in the world! All Apple devices are highly dependent on it. It doesn’t just regulate the media files, but also updates, device management, and nearly every function are supported through iTunes.  It is not a bad software of course, why would all the devices be designed around it otherwise?

It’s just that the devices are too dependent on iTunes. With so much stuffed into one software, it’s bound to malfunction at one point or the other. Everything is just clunked together in this one software; there’s only so much that it can take on. Hence, people need a good alternative to keep iTunes from overworking. While it is still a necessity, it will take some of the heat off the software and can be taken care of by another one. Also, check out vshare alternatives.

Best iTunes Alternatives 2018 to Sync Music

#1. Wondershare TunesGo-


TunesGo is more than just a media manager. It is a complete software with functions duplicating those of iTunes. It is a management suite that allows you to import music from your iPad/iPhone to your computer instead of the other way around which is usually the case in other phones. It even lets the user sync their iTunes media library with an Android smartphone. It supports songs and videos in more than 30 formats. It’s available for Mac and Windows.

#2. SynciOS-


This software lets you sync your media in your iPhones and iPads with your PC, here’s the best part, for free! However, it cannot export music directly to the iTunes library. But it makes up for this flaw by converting the incompatible videos and music formats into ones compatible with iDevice while importing them. It is available for Windows Vista, XP, 7 and 8. More>>

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#3. Swinsian-


This software directly focuses on the media playback of the device. It allows the user to connect to their last.Fm account. It can handle relatively large volumes of media files. One great feature of this software is that it automatically detects available Airplay ports. It’s available for Mac OS X. More>>

#4. Fidelia-


It is clearly a very high-quality expensive software meant for serious audiophiles. It has tools for accurate wavelength conception, so it can even be commercially used in music studios. It supports high-quality formats like FLAC that iTunes doesn’t. It is available only for Mac OS devices at the price of $29.99. More>>

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#5. DoubleTwist –


It is a multi-platform media player and manager. A user can sync their media libraries across different devices with the help of this software. It has a very simple and straightforward interface with no fancy adding. It is supported in all three Windows, Android and Mac devices! The app is free for use with the option of a paid version that has advanced tools. More>>

#6. PodTrans-


You can eliminate the need for iTunes completely to transfer music to and from an iPod/iPhone. It is like any other device manager with added capabilities. It also has the drag-and-drop action which makes it so easy to use! When transferring files, no original data on devices will be erased. Moreover, PodTrans can transfer songs, videos, podcast, voice memos, etc. from an iPhone, iPod, or iPad to PC for backup. It is available for Windows 7, 8, Vista and XP & Mac OS X 10.6, 10.7, 10.8, 10.9 for free, with a $29.95 fee to upgrade to the pro version. More>>

#7. MediaMonkey-


It’s an amazing multimedia tool that puts together all data in one place and even finds the missing media data like album art and adds it to the media file. It creates playlists based on your listening habits and preferences. It also supports a large number and formats of files like FLAC which iTunes doesn’t support. You can sync music to iPhone, iPods, and some other devices. However, it is only available for Windows. More>>

#8. Ecoute-


This software automatically detects your iTunes library and imports it into your device. It also allows a user to connect to their Facebook, Twitter and last.fm accounts. It can stream songs that haven’t been downloaded yet from the iTunes Match. However, it doesn’t have tools for playlist management. It’s supported in Mac and iOS systems. More>>

Now that you know how to ease the burden off your iTunes get one of these apps quickly and make your device’s and your life easier!

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