Free Redbox Codes for Nov 2018 and 7 Ways to Get More

Free Redbox Codes for Nov 2018 and 7 Ways to Get More
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There are some tips that you should know about Redbox promo codes and actions where you can get some Redbox codes that always work for game rental or one-night movie enjoyment. That is the main reason why we decided to present you guide on How to get free Redbox codes?.

What are Redbox Codes?

Free Redbox codes are the coupon codes which are used on Redbox website or kiosk while renting a movie or game.

Redbox is an American LLC who provides Movie DVD, Blu-ray, and video game rental services via their retail stores. It only operates in the USA, launched in 2002

If you want to use Redbox promo codes in 2018, first you have to find a Redbox near your area and use the source or codes that we will present you so that you can get a free movie on rent. There are lots of possibilities, but the best thing is to go to Redbox kiosk and enter the promo code for online reservation at the checkout.

First, we are going to present you the most common questions that you have to know before you enter Redbox Kiosk:

  • Redbox releases most codes where you can get one free in case that you rent one. Therefore, you don’t have to pay for two rentals at the same time, and it will decrease your overall cost.
  • The Redbox coupon codes are linked with your debit or credit card so that you can use one code per a card.

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How to use free Redbox codes to watch a free movie?

The only place where you can use Redbox codes are at Redbox kiosks, and you can find them online at their website When you checkout on the kiosk, you just have to click “Rent with a promo code” which will be in a lower corner of your screen. You will get a possibility to enter your promo code.

Can I use it more than once?

You cannot do that because Redbox will always remember all codes that you have entered into your account, which means that you are allowed only to do it once.

However, some codes are specially made so that you can use them multiple times but there is a limited number, and it is difficult to get ahold of them.

What if the code doesn’t work?

In case that you are trying to enter the code and it won’t work, you will get that information at the end of checkout, so that means that they will charge yours for a movie. You can quickly cancel the transaction in case that this happens.

Valid Redbox Codes for November 2018:

  • You just have to text EMAIL, MOVIENIGHT, MOVIE, MOVIE TIME or DEAL to 727272 and you will get the unique code that will give you the possibility to enjoy in one free movie at DVD rental.
  • You can use this code to rent Blu-ray or a game, but you have to pay only $1.50 for that.
  • You just have to go to a kiosk or install Redbox mobile application. You have to understand that code will expire after one week after you receive it, so you have to use it as soon as possible.

We present you some Redbox codes:

For new customers only: REDBOX, DVDONME, BREAKROOM

For locations:

  • WALGREENS (good just at Walgreen’s locations)
  • RDBOXHEB (good just at HEB locations
  • DVDATWEG (good only at Wegman’s locations)
  • DVDKROG (Good only at Kroger locations)
  • DRIVEIN (good just at Sonic locations)
  • DVDATWAG (good just at Walgreen’s locations)

In case that you used all of these, you should check their website for free Redbox promo codes for Jan 2018.

1. Through Website and Join their Newsletter

Redbox kiosk

First, you have to sign up to the newsletter so that you can receive emails, and you will get one free code that will give you the possibility to rent one movie DVD.

You just have to confirm your email address. More>>

2. Get Free Redbox Rental Through Redbox Mobile app

redbox mobile app

The other step is to download the free app on your phone and turn push notifications, and you will get the code as soon as you register from your mobile device. It will take about an hour to get all relevant codes, so you must have this in mind.

Works on: iOS, Android

3. You can join Redbox Play Pass

redbox play pass

Redbox Play Pass is a new reward program boosted by Redbox where you will be able to get one free rental for your Play Pass anniversary and birthday. You can also earn ten points for each DVD that you rent, and that even includes those that are free. When you reach 100 points, you will get rental credit and free Blu-ray code.

4. Join their Facebook page to get free code

You can also get free Redbox code when you like their Facebook page. You just have to become a fan and watch news feed from time to time. They will occasionally announce free Redbox code.

5. Book Online to Get Free Rexbox Code

In case that you are a new member, you will get free promo code without any difficulties. You just have to create an account and reserve some movie online, and you will get the possibility to get another one for free. But you have to pay the one that you have booked. More>>

6. There are Location specific free Redbox codes

Location specific free Redbox codes

You have to follow all kiosks because some of them will give out free codes for rentals from time to time. This could be the one in your convenience store, fast food restaurant or a grocery store. Therefore, you have to keep an eye on flyers, receipts and signs so that you can get a free code. More>>

7. You can join Redbox Text Club for Redbox Free Codes

joing redbox text group

The other way to get free Redbox codes is to join Redbox Text Club, and you will get text messages twice a month with lots of discounts and sometimes for free rental. You just have to visit their website and follow directions to join the text club. More>>


Even though we live in an era where you can easily stream your favorite movies without any additional problem, there are some people still who enjoy in watching videos from original Blu-ray or DVD because that is some ritual.

We have presented you the best ways on how to get free Redbox code for a rental that you could enjoy with friends or family. It is simple, you just have to follow guides that we have presented you, and everything will be transparent.

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