50+ Kickass Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites 2018 [Working]

50+ Kickass Torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites 2018 [Working]
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As we all know, torrent sites are one of the most popular places online where millions of people every single day browse for movies, TV shows, software, games and other things that they want to download. Torrent sites are reliable free platforms where you can download a vast amount of data without any additional problem.

It doesn’t matter what you want to download and what content you are looking for because torrent sites contain a wide range of collection which makes them popular among people of all ages. There are numerous sites such as Kickass torrent, the Pirate Bay, Extratorrent and much more that will provide you link to content that you want to download.

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Torrent function through peer-to-peer connections where users upload content and through their torrent software provides the possibility for other people to download from them. So basically, it is not illegal because it functions similarly as if your friend would give you a DVD of some movie, just an online perspective.

Kickass Torrent Proxy Mirror Sites

The main problem starts when some torrent website becomes too popular because ISPs and Governments from all over the world are trying to block the possibility of torrent sharing. Today, we have a Kickass torrent website where lots of countries blocked it, but still, you will be able to enter it through different domain names and mirror sites.

There is also a problem with other websites, but still, there are places where you can find whether some mirror works or not. Every site when creates a new domain needs a proxy site for additional protection from ISPs. In case that you see Kickass torrent sites blocked, there are two options: you can go to mirror sites or choose proxy sites.

Kickass torrent proxy and mirror sites are mainly developed to provide you free experience so that you can browse and download as much as you can. Just when you download, let other people download from you through seeding. That way torrent will function without interference for people from all over the world.

What is Kickass Torrent?

Kickass torrent is one of the most popular websites online. You can download an enormous array of content from music, movies, apps, software or your favourite eBooks without paying anything. The best thing about it is that developers update it with new content every single day, and you just have to download BitTorrent, uTorrent or any other app so that you can download the content on your PC, Mac, and an even mobile device that works on Android and iOS.

How to Download Torrents on Your Android Device

We all know how to download torrent files on our home computer, but there are ways to do the same thing on your Android device, too. Android device because it is more convenient, you can do as you go, and everything is free. However, you must have in mind that some ISPs will give you a warning and ultimately ban you in case that you download torrents, which is the main reason why you should check whether your ISP contains these regulations and if they do, the best thing is to do it through VPN.

  • First, you have to Google Play Store and download and install the app aDownloader. It is a simple and free app that will provide you excellent experience through downloading.
  • When you open aDownloader, you have to set where you would like to save all files. You just have to press Settings in the top left corner and access download directory to set your desired location. However, you won’t get any drop down many, so you have to do it manually. As soon as you do it, you can start downloading torrents.
  • You just have to open your browser and visit site such as Kickass torrent or any other mirror or proxy that we will mention in the further article. Type in the search box or browse different categories so that you find what you want to download.
  • As soon as you find the torrent, just tap its name and check the number of seeds. You have to understand that the bigger seed number is, the faster and efficient will be to download. You should always check whether there are comments so that you can see whether is safe to download or not.
  • Press Download this Torrent, and you will get “complete action using,” and you just have to select aDownloader which you have installed before that.
  • The next step is to wait until it finishes and you can watch a TV show, movie or play games as much as you like.

How to Download Torrents of iOS?

The first question that most iOS users wander is the idea that they have to jailbreak their device to download torrents. The internet has been developed rapidly in the last few decades, but still, not everyone can afford high-speed internet.

As a result, that could cause you problems when you are downloading massive files. The speed of downloading is limited to your connection, and we recommend you to have at least 5 MBPS so that you can download Kickass torrent content without any additional problem.

You can download for Android devices directly from Play Store lots of apps that will give you the possibility to download the torrent files, but with iOS App Store there are not as many, we must say that the reason for that is Copy Right Policy that doesn’t allow torrents in the App Store.

Even though there are lots of restrictions from Apple, there are some apps that will give you the possibility to download torrent files. First, you have to install iDownloader, and after that, you can enter the Kickass torrent website and search for any content that you want to download.

  • First, you have to download iDownloader from App Store.
  • Open the app and go to Kickass torrent mirror site sot hat you can find what you want to download.
  • As soon as you see the download link press it for few seconds so that you will get the possibility to copy it. You will get a pop-up with options to Open, Copy and Cancel. You should select copy.
  • The next step is to go to a website called www.zbigz.com and paste the copied URL in field and tap GO.
  • After a few seconds, you will get a new download link
  • As soon as you get the link, you just have to tap the download button next to file name. You will get three options when you touch: Download, Open and Copy Link. Choose download so that you can proceed further.
  • The downloaded file will be the part of iDownloader app that you installed prior.

Even though it could be difficult the first time, after that it will become a routine, and you won’t need any guide afterwards.

KickAssTorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites:

We have mentioned above the Kickass torrent and the reason why it was shut down in the first place, it was after Apple.Inc filed a complaint against Artem Vaulin who is the proper owner. They accused him of distributing pirated content through Chicago based server. Currently, there are lots of alternatives and mirror sites that you can access through without or with VPN service.

1. kickass-top

This is another useful Kickass Torrent mirror site that will offer you an immersive compilation of numerous movies, TV shows, apps, games, books, animations and everything that you can imagine is here.

The website is open from all regions for access, so you don’t have to use any specific VPN. There are also lots of blog posts from KAT community. You have to sign-up and log into your account every time you enter, but that is an essential security measure.

2. Kickasstorrents.to

Even though it is the latest alternative to KickAss Torrent, it is one of the most popular and recommended domain for hardcore fans. It is currently online and available, and you can easily access huge library that contains all original features.

You can download your favourite documentaries, songs, movies, TV shows, games and video clips. It also contains complete app and game library as the original website. We recommend you to use faster VPN so that you can download everything secure and without the hassle of waiting.

3. Kickass.cd 

Kickass.cd is an excellent clone of the kickass torrent that you can use to download your favourite TV shows, movies, games, and apps. It looks the same as any other KickAss Torrent website, and it became one of the first clones after the original was shut down.

4. Torrentz2.EU 

If you want to enjoy the latest version of Torrentz which is the best and most popular search engine that will resemble the original website. You can find whatever you want just by searching manually through a search engine.

You will get results from 63 different domains, and there are 55 million torrents in the index. It is compatible with TOR browser.

5. Kat.how

Kat.how is one of the most popular KickAss torrent mirror sites that contain everything that you would find on the original website. The clone is a brainchild of a torrenting website that we all know called IsoHunt. You can quickly browse your favourite games, movies, TV shows, apps and much more with a single click.

6. Katcr.co

This is one of the most genuine alternatives to KickAss torrent, and it is the best choice to download torrents on your PC or mobile devices.

It is an original copy of the unique website, and the best thing about it is that you can quickly get access to all torrents that you could find in the original. However, keep in mind that it is always better to choose VPN so that you can stay anonymous and secure.


This is also an excellent alternative for kickass torrent especially if you want to download movies and games. There are lots of YIFI movies in HD resolution that you can download without paying a cent.

Even though it is not mirror site of kickass torrent but a genuine website with its content, the user interface and content resembles the original, which means that you can enjoy all the way.

8. The Pirate Bay

The main problem that KickAss Torrent has right now, what happened to the Pirate Bay in 2015. It is one of the best torrent sites with a massive library where you can find almost anything. There are lots of clone websites to TPB and substitutes similar to KAT.

We recommend you to choose this fantastic website because you will be hooked on torrent downloading as soon as you reach it.

9. ExtraTorrent.cc

ExtraTorrent is one of the most popular torrent websites where you can enjoy in downloading lots of content from TV shows to latest games without any problem. In case that you want to download everything from a comprehensive database filled with TV shows, movies, games, books, pictures, and apps, you should choose this particular one.

The best part of this particular website is that you will enter into user appealing and friendly interface where you can browse through categories and manually search content that you want to download from a search engine. It is also a huge community where you can ask different questions in the case that you want to find out more about it.

10. Torrent Hound

Even though it is not so populated as The Pirate Bay, IsoHunt, and KickAss Torrent, it is still one of the most popular solutions when it comes to latest movies and TV shows. You can enter numerous categories so that you can find your favourite content that you wish to download.

11. IsoHunt

IsoHunt is also an excellent torrent website that survived the worst attacks and became the part of a torrent industry that protected all servers which is the ideal solution for privacy while you are downloading torrents.

It is one of the most visited libraries on the web and perfect alternative to KickAss Torrent. You can quickly enter into the forum and community discussions so that you can enjoy in the torrent library of the most recommended website by users.

We present you 50 More KickAss torrent Proxy and Mirror Sites that you can choose:

Kickass Proxy/Mirror



https://katcr.coONLINEVery Fast
http://kickasstorrents.video/ONLINEVery Fast
https://kat.proxybit.loan/ONLINEVery Fast
https://kickass.unlockproject.co/ONLINEVery Fast
https://unblocktorrent.com/kickass-proxy-unblock/ONLINEVery Fast
https://kickass.cm/ONLINEVery Fast
http://katcr.to/ONLINEVery Fast
https://kickass-cd.bypassed.cool/ONLINEVery Fast
https://kickass.unlockproj.review/ONLINEVery Fast
https://kat.sitescrack.info/ONLINEVery Fast
https://kickass.ukunblock.pro/ONLINEVery Fast
https://kickass.immunicity.cab/ONLINEVery Fast


We have presented you all relevant information that you have to know about torrents, KickAss torrent and all its mirror and suitable alternatives. You have to understand that for some of these mirrors and proxies you must have relevant VPN service, and some of them are available for everyone.

We have mentioned some websites and their information, while all others function the same way. They look like KickAss torrents and have huge database with lots of things that you may be interested. Therefore, we recommend you to read our guide so that you can determine which one is the best for you and how to use torrents on your mobile devices.

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