LimeTorrents Proxy – 50+ Fast Proxy / Mirror Sites (Updated 2018)

LimeTorrents Proxy – 50+ Fast Proxy / Mirror Sites (Updated 2018)
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The main problem with LimeTorrent was that it contained fantastic content and a lot of visitors. That is when ISPs decided to destroy that solitude and to block the access to LimeTorrent domain. Even though, it is one of the most popular websites when it comes to torrenting, especially if you want to download latest music, movies, TV series, games, and software for free.

When you are a regular user, it is frustrating to understand that you have banned from using because Governments from all over the world decided to provide you restrictions through their certified ISPs. In India for example, when you enter the website you will be able to see this particular message:

“Your requested URL has been blocked as per the directions received from Department of Telecommunications, Government of India. Please contact an administrator for more information.”

LimeTorrent Proxy Mirror sites

This is not Indian invention because many governments from all over the globe decided to ban LimeTorrents and other free movie streaming and movie downloading websites. You are probably here because you are unable to access this fantastic site, but you are not alone. This particular problem is something that millions of users have, and it is just a beginning according to governments.

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50+ Fast Proxy / Mirror Sites

You don’t have to worry because these LimeTorrent mirror website will provide you the same index, content and torrent files because they are made from the same website but with separate domains. Even if the government has banned the main one from using, you can still use those clone sites as an alternative so that you can access LimeTorrent without too much hassle.

  38. LimeTorrents Proxy
  39. LimeTorrents Unblock
  40. LimeTorrents Mirror Site
  41. Unblock LimeTorrents
  42. LimeTorrents Proxy Mirror
  43. LimeTorrents UK Unblock
  44. LimeTorrents US Unblock
  45. Lime Torrents Alternative
  46. Access LimeTorrents
  47. Proxy of LimeTorrents
  48. LimeTorrents Unblock Proxy

How to Unblock LimeTorrents?

But still, there are ways to unblock LimeTorrent and to gain access to LimeTorrent website even if the government or ISP block it.

Using VPNs or Proxy

The best and most popular way to unblock LimeTorrent is through good VPN or proxy server. These services will provide you anonymous browsing and secure and fake location so that you can get access to a website which is blocked in your region by government or website owner.

So, if you want to access LimeTorrent, you can use proxy website too. There are lots of payable and free proxy servers, and we recommend you to use payable because they are more secure and reliable. You just have to enter and add URL so that you can start browsing.

In case that you want VPN, there are also lots of services available online, some of them are payable and free. But we still recommend you to choose some payable service with more significant downloading speed so that you can do everything promptly without any additional problem.

The main problem with VPN or Proxy service is that they can slow down your connection and therefore, the whole experience of internet browsing will suffer because of that. So, if you don’t want to face those issues to access LimeTorrents, you can use numerous LimeTorrent mirror and proxy sites.

You have to understand that LimeTorrent mirror sites are clone sites that are maintained and developed by LimeTorrent stuff and other people who want to increase unblock access to LimeTorrent for users.

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How to spot fake torrent file?

We have presented you LimeTorrent Mirror sites that work, but still, numerous websites are just made to provide you false torrents so that could take your identity and con you form money or infect your computer with malware.

Fortunately, there are some steps that you should follow so that you can prepare yourself and to understand apparent signs that torrent file is fake. We decided to present you some tips so that you can prevent that from happening:

  • Beware lots of seeds without comments – many uploaders falsify some peers and seed. There are lots of software such as BTSeedInflator that can help them to make their torrents look like more than 10 thousand people are using it simultaneously. So, always check for comment on the file. If there are no comments, and there are lots of seeders, get away from it. In most cases, it is a fake torrent.
  • Check whether it has “Verified” status – Most torrent sites today have a committee that are core users who are here to confirm whether the torrent is safe or not. Even though there are not so many verified files in number, it is most likely that you will download secure and trusted torrent that way.
  • Confirm the movie release data just in case – It is always better to check the movie for all information before you start downloading. You can check on Wikipedia or IMDB for a date. In fact that torrent is released before the actual time, don’t do anything. Of course, there is a chance that it could be the real thing but you don’t want to risk your PC’s health.
  • Avoid WMA and WMV files – You should know as serious torrent user that best movie files are made in either MKV or AVI format. So if you want to download movie file in WMV or WMA, you should know that in most cases it is fake.
  • Don’t download RAR, ACE and TAR files – There are legit uploaders who use RAR so that they can archive more significant data so that you can download everything easier. But for movies and music, most RAR files are just fake. You should know that in RAR files are hiding Trojans in most cases and scam files. You don’t have to use RAR file for video because the video is already compressed.
  • Don’t believe in a particular instruction, password instruction or EXE files – Remember that when you see data in a torrent that will search for any special instruction such as password, then the torrent is fake and don’t download it. Through these guidelines, you cannot find the file that you need therefore don’t download it. We have to mention also EXE file because in most cases that is a problem and you should avoid downloading it. Especially if you want to download music or movies and you get that file. It is not logical at all, but there are lots of torrents that work through it, so beware and use LimeTorrent proxy mirrors that we have presented you above.
  • Avoid Using These Softwares – some software clients have a terrible reputation because of numerous examples of malware, Trojans, and other problematic files. You should avoid Get-Torrent, BitLord, Torrent101, Bitroll, and BitThief so use LimeTorrent proxy files. Of course, there are also great files that you can download, but you have to beware of these things that we have mentioned here.
  • You should check for tracker before you start downloading – Torrent is an excellent thing because you can quickly get all details. You just have to copy and paste the tracker names into any search engine, and you will see whether it is legitimate or not. At the same time, you will see how many times people downloaded from it so that you can determine is it safe or not. In case that tracker is false, you will find numerous unrelated hits so avoid it.
  • Only Use Best Media Players for additional security – There are numerous music and movie players that you can choose to enjoy your movies and music. Therefore, we recommend you to choose Winamp, WMP, VLC, GMP, KMP as the best choice for you. Don’t risk installing something that won’t work for you and that you never heard of.

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There are many different ways to download a file, but the best one is to choose any link from this particular list, and you will enjoy all the way without any additional problem.

We have presented you 51 LimeTorrent Proxy Mirror sites that will help you enjoy your favorite content in a matter of seconds. You just have to read it thoroughly.

In the end, we have presented you how to protect yourself from malware so that you could have high moments online.

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