MySQL Calendar

MySQL Calendar
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Changes: Added (by popular demand) Event deletion
Ok… I have finally got this script working!

I have not done it like a tutorial because it is just too big, so here are a load of screen shots, There is a link to a fully functional demo and zip at the bottom! Check out movie download sites

A little setup information:

1. Copy the entire calendar into whatever directory you want.

2. Create your database and import the ‘databaseSQL.sql’ file into it, this will create the default data for running it.

3. Alter the ‘databaseConnection.php’ file to show your connection details.That should be it..

NOTE:By default the username and password are both ‘admin‘ (without the quotes), i suggest you change your password in the control panel.

If you have any problems i will be happy to help, just post your query as a comment to this page.

Screen Shots

Default View

View Events

View Events 2


Control Panel

Add Event

Add Event 2

Downloads Zip files:

MySQL Calendar v1.1 ZIP

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