7 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

7 Best Popcorn Time Alternatives to Watch Movies Online
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Movies and video streaming is one of the most popular moments for all of us and that is why it is important to know all Best Popcorn Time Alternatives. All of them have similar features and you will be able to stream your favorite TV shows without any additional issue.

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a popular platform that allows you to watch movies and TV shows through free software BitTorrent client that contains an integrated media player. It is great free alternative if you consider that all famous and free movie websites and applications are not for free.

So this is a great movie app that will give you the possibility to watch whatever you want and to enjoy your movie hours with friends and family. You can also Download Popcorn Time Apk for Android.  

After it was released it received positive attention by users and media, because it was the great alternative to Netflix and you didn’t have to pay anything. However, after it reached maximum popularity, it was taken down by developers because they had big pressure from MPAA.

However, new developers devised to maintain the program and to add numerous features. However, it still has some copyright issues and that is why it is unstable, but after all, you will be able to watch whatever you want without strings attached because everything functions through peer exchange and that means that there are no violations.

Supported Platforms: Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android


  • Ad-free Support
  • AirPlay
  • Automatic subtitles download
  • Built-in viewer
  • Chromecast support
  • Media Streaming
  • Peer-To-Peer Support for subtitles

Best Popcorn Time Alternatives to Watch Movies Online

It doesn’t matter if you are a fan of TV shows, cartoons or movies, running and installing these applications is piece of cake and your best choice until now. We present you best apps like Popcorn Time:

1. CinemaBox

Cinema-BoxThis particular app is great if we consider overall user experience and huge database that you can watch for free. It was created by PlayBox HD and it contains the same quality and standard as any other streaming application with same features. You will be able to download latest movies and TV shows and stream them whenever you want.

You can browse movies through different categories, and when you select your favorite show it will always remember the exact moment when you stopped and you will be able to continue without any additional problem.

You can also attach Google Chromecast and it will work immediately and you will be able to watch your favorite movies on your TV, and save them when you are tired of them and watch them over again when you are ready.

2. Crackle

CrackleIf you want to find an app that contains numerous features, this particular one will give you everything that you have desired according to your entertainment purpose. It is free to register and you will be able to access it from your device or from the computer, it is all the same.  You can also check some other free movie apps like crackle. 

There are more than 25 million users and most of them are uploading new content every month, so you won’t get bored by using it. You can also stop watching and save the movie in order to start watching it later when you have a time. You will be able to watch HD movies and TV series with a single click.

It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

3. Cartoon HD

cartoonhdIf you are a fan of cartoons and you don’t want to watch any other genre, this is the perfect application for you because you will be able to watch HD movies and episodes without any additional issue. You just have to install the Cartoon HD app and soon afterward everything will be solved in a matter of seconds.

This particular app is a great choice if you are a fan of animated movies and series and you will be able to find whatever cartoon you want with ease. There are numerous features that allow you to make friendly interactions with other users and to maintain the quality of the movie all the way.

4. Hulu

hulu streamingThis particular app is a great alternative to Popcorn Time because you will be able to watch numerous hit and famous movies and TV shows. You can watch how many shows you like without any costs and you just have to install the application. There are different quality measures and it is similar to Popcorn.

You will be able to make your own watch list in order to save shows that you want to watch later. People and users are very satisfied with their services because there are many new movies and TV shows available, and the database is expanding every single that with many different uploads. Check out the Hulu Tv Streaming Review

5. Playview

playviewThis is one of the youngest movie streaming apps that will give you the possibility to watch your favorite movies without any problem and additional issue. If you are a movie lover with the idea to watch movies in Spanish and English language, this is the perfect option for you. There are numerous categories that you can find such as popularity, genre and much more.

The additional feature that you will get is that you can change the stream quality during your watching. It is compatible with Android and BlackBerry phones and you can connect it also with smart TV and Apple TV.

6. Movie HD

Movie-HDThis particular app is considered as one of the best apps like Popcorn Time. It contains a great user interface that is simple to use and you will be able to browse movies and TV shows by rating, update, popularity and numerous genres. There is also a great feature that allows you to watch 3D movies, so if you are into this particular idea of watching, you don’t have to wait any single second.

You will be able to download it instantly and as soon as it is installed you can start enjoying your favorite flicks. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices and you can also install desktop version if you want to watch movies on your PC.

7. Showbox

show-boxThis is the greatest alternative to Popcorn available because it contains a huge database of movies, TV series and TV shows that are popular among the international audience. The download will last only a few minutes and soon afterward you will be able to enjoy HD movies without any strings attaches and absolutely for free.

Check out other Apps Like Showbox.

There are different features that are available such as a variety of entertainment flick that will give you and your family nice and great weekend. It is a versatile app that you can download on iOS, Android, Mac, BlackBerry and many more popular devices. It is very simple to use, so you won’t have any additional problem by using it.


We have presented you Best Popcorn Time Alternatives and all of them contain similar features and you won’t regret whichever app you choose to install.

If you have your own suggestion or user experience, feel free to share with us your ideas in a comment below.

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