Popcornflix Review: Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online

Popcornflix Review: Watch Free Movies & TV Shows Online
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Popcornflix LLC is a free movie streaming website & app, (OTT) service offering free ad-supported streaming video of feature-length online movies and tv shows. It is owned by Screen Media Ventures. You can watch over 700 free movies online without any subscription.

What is Popcornflix?

Popcornflix is a great video streaming service that gives you the possibility to watch numerous free movies in different genres without logging in and registering an account. This is highly convenient when compared to other premium service video streaming websites and apps. What is great about Popcornflix is that it contains numerous TV shows, too.

Is Popcornflix Really Free?

The main advantage that Popcornflix has that other streaming services don’t have is its price. It is absolutely free. The main catch is that you have to watch ads on every 15 minutes, which is standard for free movie streaming websites and similar services. However, ads are much shorter than on Crackle or Tubi TV, and they can go up to 30 seconds.

Video Quality

You should understand that quality of movies is minimum 480p which is the quality of regular DVD movie. You can easily change the resolution and quality, and some of the movies have HD definition, so you don’t have to worry about it. We can conclude that it is very easy to watch and you will enjoy all the way around.

Player Options

Unlike other websites and movie streaming services such as Crackle, that contains subtitle settings, the only options that Popcornflix video player contains video scrubbing, volume control, and full-screen button.

Even though there are not so many features, the full-screen button is great because it allows you to watch a movie and to eliminate all distraction, which is the main point of full-screen.


You have to understand that there will be few ads while you are watching a movie, but don’t worry, because most of them are 20 seconds long at most and they will display at the beginning of the video, and throughout the movie.

The logical assumption is that the longer movie is, the more commercials you will have to watch, so be prepared. But if you have in mind the idea that everything is high-quality and free, don’t mind few interruptions.

Video Buffering Experience

When you first start using Popcornflix, you will experience much longer loading and buffering than another website. Sometimes it will stop you along the way in order to finish the buffering process. You have to understand that everything depends on quality and speed of your internet and you should have at least 1 MB in order to stream without any additional problem.

Popcornflix running through the web app


If you want to enter the Popcornflix on your PC, don’t worry you just have to enter their website and everything will be transparent and in front of you. As we have mentioned before, the web app is organized well, with all genres front and centre and recommended content is all over. However, ads are also stuck on the back similar to other web streaming services.

Even though Popcornflix will present you labelled content such as information about all movies as well as rating, similar to Hulu and Netflix, it still contains sloppy names, which is not important but we have to mention.

Is Popcornflix Legal?

Downloading and streaming movies for free is in most cases illegal because sites cannot support movie licensing. However, there are websites where you can easily watch movies without paying anything and it won’t cause any copyright problem with your ISP. 

When you install Popcornflix, you agree to watch ads, so the website could pay the licensing fees for all media that it contains. That is the main reason why they have a small library.

Popcornflix Movies and TV Shows

Popcornflix contains the most convenient menu and homepage where you can easily browse whichever movie or TV show that you want. It is similar to Netflix when it comes to design. You can easily browse through different genres such as Comedy, Action, Drama, Thriller, Rockstars, Horror, Documentaries, Wild West and much more.

Within each genre, you will be able to find movies by title or by popularity. There is also a category called New Arrivals which will provide you link in the menu to the popular movies within a genre. There are two additional websites such as FrightPix which is specially made for horror movies and Popcornflix Kids for children movies.

Popcornflix Apps

Popcornflix is available through a web app or as an app on Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Roku, Samsung and BlackBerry World. It is important to mention that it is compatible with Chromecast and experience is amazing.

It doesn’t matter which platform you use, because the experience is pretty similar, with an exception of the web app. On the web, the interface is less elegant, and particularly because of frustrating ads and their placement. In the same time, you will get lower quality streams when you use it through it. You can check out the list of 10 free movie apps

Popcornflix Alternatives & Similar Apps

Popular Alternatives to Popcornflix for Web, Android, Windows, Android Tablet, iPhone and more. Explore 10 apps like Popcornflix.

App NamePair or FreePlatform Availability
Popcorn TimeFreeMac, Windows, Linux, Android
Butter ProjectFreeMac, Windows, Linux, Android
StremioFreeMac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPhone
HuluPaidWindows, Web, Android, iPhone, Apple TV, Roku
DuckieTVFreeMac, Windows, Linux, Web, Android, Chrome OS
CinemaBoxFreemiumAndroid, iPhone
ShowboxFreeAndroid, Web
Amazon VideoPaidWindows, Web, Android, iOS
TorrenTVFreeMax, Windows, Linux


Popcornflix is a free movie and TV show streaming service that became a trend that people are very excited about. Its content is acceptable, and just what we expect from free service, but still they should improve the resolution quality in order to attract more customers.

The main idea is that is free, so you can easily decide whether you want to watch something or not. We can assume that they will try to improve their service in the future and we are waiting to see what they will become.

If you have your own ideas of this particular topic, feel free to comment in the section below. Cheers.

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