How to Share Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime accounts

How to Share Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime accounts
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We live in a world where digital media is everywhere around us, and we can view it on numerous devices simultaneously without any additional problem.

The latest trend is a possibility to share passwords with members of your family or friends so that you could pay less and still have the same features as before. However, you have to be certain of rules for each streaming service that you use.

Every single streaming service contains different terms and regulations when it comes to the idea of simultaneously using. There is a distinct number of things and content that you can watch on various devices at the same time, and with whom you are allowed to share the password with.

Share Netflix, Hulu, Amazon prime accounts

We decided to present you everything when it comes to sharing the password for Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime videos.

Free Streaming Services: If you use a free movie streaming sites to watch movies and TV shows online, you won’t need to worry about sharing your passwords. There are some great ones out there including SnagflimsPopcornflix, and Tubi TV.

How to share Amazon Prime accounts and passwords?

Amazon Prime started as DVD renting and selling service and today is one of the three biggest and most popular premium streaming services where you can enjoy in numerous movies, TV shows, books and other media.

When it comes to sharing passwords and accounts, Amazon Prime has apparent regulations. They will let you create Amazon Household plan that will give you the possibility to two adults and four children to share the fantastic database of Amazon Primer.

There are also other features and benefits that you can share such as Prime Now, Prime Shipping, Prime Photos, Kindle Library, Prime Exclusive Pricing, Photo Storage, Audible Channels and much more.

You have to know that Amazon also put a limit on how many devices you can stream simultaneously through Amazon Video. The idea is that you can stream up to three different titles on the separate device, but the same title can only be watched on one device at a time.

In the same time, you can download videos through it but with a limit of 25 titles across any device that you want.

How to share Hulu accounts and passwords?

Hulu is another great place where you can enjoy in fantastic movies and TV shows and also live TV that you can watch directly on your mobile device or PC. There are lots of plans involved, and the main downside is that you have to pay to disable ads, which is an unfortunate thing when you compare it to Netflix that doesn’t have any ads at all.

Anything that you cannot find on Netflix you will be able to watch on Hulu. These two premium streaming websites are among three largest ones, with a lot of users. The main problem with Hulu is that is still limited to only a few countries and not the entire world.

When you have in mind Hulu’s plans such as No Commercials and Limited Commercials, that will restrict you to only one stream at a time, which meant that you could not share the account.

However, you can create profiles within it so that everyone in your family can enjoy. At the same time, there is an add-on that you have to pay additionally for $14.99 which will give you the possibility to enjoy an unlimited number of simultaneous streams.

This is the reason why people choose to have this particular service. It is very convenient especially if you have a bigger house and you want to share it with loved ones and children. The main downside is that your account will be based on IP address, so you still cannot give it to someone else.

How to share Netflix accounts and passwords?

Netflix is one of the most popular and best premium streaming websites where you can watch numerous movies and TV shows from original ones to old-school favorites that we all enjoy.

The best thing about it is that you have to pay the decent price which is quite affordable when you have in mind everything that you will get for it. That is the main reason why millions of users stream this fantastic website every single day.

In case that you want to save money by sharing your Netflix account with family and friends then you have to know a few things. Netflix has no problem in sharing reports, but still, they have a limit on how many devices you can stream simultaneously from the same account. Check Netflix terms of service

  • In case that you choose basic plan, you can only view one screen on one device;
  • Standard plan will give you possibility to enjoy on two screens;
  • Premium is perfect because you can see in highest-resolution at four screens simultaneously.

This idea means that you can watch Netflix on your phone, TV, tablet or laptop. On the other hand, you must have in mind that Netflix have the right to change numbers of the screen that you can use because that is stated regarding service.

In the same time, you have to understand that minors cannot have their accounts and they logically expect that your kids will stream Netflix through your mind.

They don’t have any problem with sharing account within your household, but in case that you have different addresses, there could be a problem because of changed IP. Therefore, we recommend you to choose your account.

Two Third of Netflix users share their account:

Two Third of Netflix users share their account

Here’s what we found:

  • Users with 1 person accounts = 15.9 million
  • Users with 2 person accounts = 27.3 million
  • Users with 3 person accounts = 21.9 million
  • Users with 4 or more person accounts = 34.6 million


We have presented you some tips on how to follow the rules and regulations of three best premium streaming websites in the world of internet. However, you can find some loopholes as we have mentioned, but at the very end, most of them are giving you the possibility to share an account with a family member and people with whom you live.

On the other hand, they have high regulations when it comes to sharing with other people because that is not regulated and therefore they want to protect you from potential stealing the account by limiting the possibility for simultaneous watching.

This is a convenient choice when you have in mind that people would do anything to have premium plans on any of these websites.

So, we recommend you to keep up with your plans and to give information only to your family members.

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