What are the Best Alternatives to Gogoanime?

What are the Best Alternatives to Gogoanime?
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Anime series are one of the most popular Japanese cultural movements that changed entire world’s perspective of this amazing culture. It was derived from the term – animation. It has a completely different style that features hand-drawn characters.

What is GogoAnime?

It is a site which provides dubbed anime online to watch for free. It has a huge database of Japanese anime, including popular shows like Dragon Ball Super, which you can watch dubbed to English.

At the same time their style associated with vibrant characters, colorful graphics, and fantastic themes. Today, there are many people from all over the world who enjoy watching Japanese films and animated series. From Ghostfighter, Dragonball Z to Naruto, these mini-series were highly acclaimed. But can you watch them online?

You don’t have to buy and spend money on numerous DVDs in order to watch your favorite series. Streaming online is a much convenient way of watching because there are no annoying advertisements that last longer than one episode. In the same time, you have absolute freedom on where and when you want to watch it. The main problem is to find secured and legal way to stream them without any additional problem.

10 Websites like Gogoanime Dragon ball super?

We decided to save you both energy and time, and therefore we compiled a list of best alternatives to gogo anime today:

1. Hulu

hulu anime

This particular website and online streaming service are not only popular because of anime films and series, but a huge database of everything that you can think of. However, we are only interested in anime series here, and we can proudly say that it is one of the best alternatives to gogoanime dragon ball super.

The main problem is that it is not available in all parts of the world – only in the US, UK and some parts of Asia. Yet, you have to pay a subscription in order to enjoy its content.  

2. Anime Freak

We have all heard about this disorganized and completely chaotic website that contains numerous anime series and movies that you can watch without any additional problem. When it comes to content, you stop carrying about looks and just turn on your favorite show and enjoy.

Even though it is chaotic, browsing is simple – you just have to manually enter the name of the show in search engine, or do it from archives. There are both original anime versions and English dubbed ones. View More

3. Anime Crazy

We have to mention Anime Crazy, which is widely recognized database of popular anime series such as Wonder Mom, Naruto, Wake up Girls and much more. Even though, you have to be aware that sometimes servers will lead you to inaccessible pages, which means that you have to clear your DNS cache and try to visit it once more in order to solve a problem. View More

4. AnimeSeason


On the other hand, Anime Season is well designed, a simple and organized website without frustrating ads. You can find numerous series such as Hunter X Hunter or Diamond no Ace. You can choose on video player whether you want to watch anime episodes with titles or captions. It is a great alternative to gogoanime tv because it contains amazing films and shows and great categories that you could watch for hours. More

5. AnimeHere

AnimeHere will offer you premium experience, and if you are a die-hard fan of anime, you just have to try it. There are numerous features and everything is completely ad-free. At the same time, anime series are perfectly organized within categories.

You can find both dubbed and original versions available and in order to change it, you just have to make a single click. What is most important, you don’t have to create an account and register in order to watch your favorite show. Everything is for free and you just have to enter and enjoy. More

6. Narutoget

You can watch all Naruto, Naruto Shippuden and the latest Boruto Episodes for free in high quality

We had to include this website it contains a great collection of Naruto series. It isn’t made with great design and amazing background. You won’t find the professional interface, but if you want to watch all Naruto episodes from the very beginning to the end in both dubbed and subbed possibilities then you have to see what it contains. When you choose the video, you will get the four different additional links to the same video, in case that you have a problem with the first one. More

7. Funimation


At the very end, we have to mention Funimation that offers free anime shows and movies. However, in order to access the website, you have to solve a captcha log and it will immediately transfer you to the main page. It is mandatory to create an account in order to watch content. However, you will get huge database of HD resolution anime absolutely for free. More

8. Anime44

If you want to watch anime movies and series from any genre that you can think of – from mythical to drama – you should visit Anime44 and finally understand why anime is so popular and recognized. The interface is beautifully organized and it contains nice looking categories. If you want to watch English dubbed episodes, it is not a problem, because you will get everything that you want and even more. You can read mangas, watch movies and cartoons, or browse through it until you find what you want. More

9. AnimeUltima

Anime Ultima is one of the most popular and widely recognized anime video sites that are similar to gogo anime. It is recognized by anime fanatics, who enjoy watching anime series. You can choose between dubbed and subbed versions, but still, there are different content such as polls, events, and forums. If you want to enter community talk and find out more about this amazing cartoon style, you have to register for free. More

10. Kissanime


It is the only anime site people use to watch anime online. Kissanime is the site which people use to stream anime on Kodi through an add-on. Check out Anime Sites like KissAnime

Here are some more sites:

17Anime Dreaming TVWebsitesFree


We have presented you the most relevant alternatives to go go anime that you can choose online. Of course, there are hundreds of anime streaming websites, but only these ones can provide you similar perspective as gogoanime with high-resolution picture and amazing features as well.  

If you have your own thoughts and ideas about this particular list, feel free to comment on the section below and we will try to help you find what you need.  

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