Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie to Watch Movies & Tv Shows Online

Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie to Watch Movies & Tv Shows Online
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Solarmovie is a widely popular streaming website which allows you to stream free movies and tv shows online from its huge database. There are different videos, TV shows and movies that you can browse free of charge. If you are into video watching and movie streaming, then the Solar movie is the site for you. However, we decided to present you sites like Solarmovies:

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Popular Sites Like SolarMovies

1. Hulu – Stream TV, Movies and More

hulu plusIf you want to enjoy on a website that will give you complete package similar as Solar movie, that Hulu is the platform that you need. It doesn’t matter which video, TV show or movie you want to watch because it contains a huge database that will give you the possibility to enjoy. Of course, this particular service is not free, but you will get a free month in order to see whether you want to use it or not.

On the other hand, Hulu is not the only service where you can stream movies and TV shows, you can watch online TV, too. There are more than fifty channels that you can watch live or on-demand without any additional problem. However, that kind of service will cost you approximately $40 on monthly basis. But when you see all its features, it is worth every penny.

You can use it on almost any mobile device such as iOS and Android as well as Apple TV or Xbox One. Like Hulu there are other free movie apps also available. The normal plan that includes watching and streaming TV shows and movies cost only $7.99, but the main downside is that you will have to pass all annoying ads. If you want to unable ads you have to pay additional $4 for that service.

Hulu is a great site that is similar as Solarmovie and that will provide you their original TV series as well as most major ones that are currently on television. If you enjoy streaming videos, then Hulu is your best Solarmovies alternative.

Visit Site | Cost – $7.99/m

2. Vumoo

Vumoo reviewVumoo is the website that will provide you with all updated TV shows and movies, and what is most important it contains a huge database of documentaries as well. The best part of this great service is that you will get everything for free. You just have to sign up and register and you can watch your favorite movies in a matter of minutes.

When we state this you won’t believe it, but Vumoo contains more than 60k movies on their site that you can watch in amazing quality. Whenever you decide to search a movie, it will instantly appear and therefore reduce your time for annoying browsing.

This particular website is considered as one of the best Solarmovie alternatives when it comes to management and maintenance. You will also get amazing video and TV show streaming experience without any commercials and pop-ups that could interfere with your watching quality.

You can browse movies based on actors, genres, titles, years of release and much more. It is a great alternative for people who don’t want to pay Netflix subscription because you will get all those flicks for absolutely free. The great feature is a possibility to have simultaneous streams where each one is derived from a third-party website.

Visit Site | Cost – Free

3. Movie Watcher

MovieWatcherIf you want to enjoy the website that contains all series, TV shows, movies and episodes that you can think of, this is the perfect one for you. It is a really great choice that you can make on this list of Solar movie alternatives.

When you register, you will get updated with all popular and latest releases and uploads, and you will be able to enjoy in their huge database that will give you enough movie knowledge. This particular website is a heaven for people who enjoy watching movies and want to get familiar with latest and old flicks at the same time.

There are various genres available that will give you the possibility to enjoy browsing until you find the one that you want to engage. In the same time, you can manually search for it by entering the name in the search bar.

We have to mention that it contains a great collection of TV shows, too. They will keep you updated with all latest and news series that will come around. 

Visit Site | Cost – Free

4. Rainierland

RainierlandEven though our main goal here is to mention best sites similar to Solar movie, this particular one is somewhat different. It contains great cookies and possibilities to understand what you want to offer you what you need. The concept is based on the possibility to provide you with your favorite movies and TV shows wherever you are.

Rainerland is a great website that is more convenient for TV shows and series. You can find numerous TV series by seasons, which means that you don’t have to visit third-party and alternative websites in order to watch every season. You can also find numerous Reality shows that you enjoy watching.

The idea is to name the category that you want and you will get hundreds of movies available. They have categories that are based on genres such as comedy, action, Sci-Fi, Drama, Horror, Crime, animated and much more.

It doesn’t matter what your interests are and how old are you because you will find what you are interested in. If you want to watch the particular movie that is not on the site, then you can try to browse it in television show section. They will provide you with real-time updates.

Visit Site | Cost – Free

5. New Movies Online

new-movies-onlineYou can easily forget about Solarmovie and other sites on this list because you will fall in love the first time you try this particular one. The name is enough to provide you relevant information and to understand what you can expect from their amazing content. There are lots of new TV shows, movies, documentaries, series and much more.

You can find different categories of movies based on year and genres that you want to watch. This site is also great because you will be able to read and watch different biographies in order to get familiar with the movie industry.

The best thing that this particular website has to offer is a possibility to watch movies in multiple languages. It doesn’t have content on their own website but streaming comes from the third party.

This website provides you the perfect way to enjoy good stuff and new movies from their collection with thousands of movies and TV shows. If you cannot find the movie in the genre, you can easily search it manually through search bar and all results will pop up in second. 

Visit Site | Cost – Free

6. Yify

yify-subtitles-interfaceIf you are the one who wants to enjoy in quality movies, then Yifi is the perfect website for you. The quality of this site is amazing and much better than any site on this particular list.

You can watch all movies in HD resolution and absolutely for free. However, you have to understand that they do not provide movies on their website but from third-party sites, so you don’t have to worry about any legal issues that could happen on the way.

Content is categorized by different genres such as drama, action, horror, fantasy and much more. There are also great and unique categories such as top 250 movies and most popular. You have to enjoy this amazing site because of great design, simplicity and quality content.

However, the main downside is that they don’t have enough TV shows on their website, so if you want to watch them, choose another website from this list.

Visit Site | Cost – Free

7. Haloa Movies

Haloa MoviesHaloa Movies is a well-maintained website with an enormous database with great movie content. When you enter the homepage, you will be able to enjoy with latest uploads and other movies that are categorized by genre.

You will be able to read reviews, storylines, summaries and actor/actress biographies directly on the website so that you can get familiar with a movie that you want to watch. It is an amazing feature and unique when you compare it with other free movie streaming websites.

We have mentioned categorization above, and we have to say that it is done based on genres such as mystery, horror, fantasy, comedy, history, crime and many others. You won’t be disappointed with their content, but the fact that they are based on movies and don’t have too many TV series is frustrating enough.

That is the main downfall, but Haloa is still a great alternative. You can easily browse a huge collection of best movies that are in HD print and without so many frustrating ads.

Visit Site | Cost – Free

8. Yes Movies

Yes MoviesIf you want to say yes to your favorite movies, then you have to visit Yes Movies and enjoy their amazing content.

Keep in mind that when you start browsing this greatly designed website, you don’t have to stick to genre categories. There are movies based on genre, features, country, IMDB rating and numerous another basis that will help you determine which movie is the next in a row for watching.

There is a huge list of genres (25 of them) that you can choose in order to browse such as comedy, horror, adult, war, biography, drama, musical and much more.

The website contains a slideshow where you can see upcoming and latest movies that they uploaded or about to upload. This will keep you involved in their own policies and recent releases. There is a feature where you can send a request to them to upload a particular movie.

There are also numerous TV series available that you can watch on Yes Movies without any additional problem.

Visit Site | Cost – Free

9. Movie4k

Movie4kWe have to mention this widely recognized website that will give you a different perspective on video streaming services. Just like other sites from this list, it will keep you satisfied and happy because of rich content. You can easily browse and watch latest movies.

There are numerous old movies that you can enjoy all the way. However, you have to understand that their policy is to provide you with high-quality content, but the quantity is also an important fact. You can easily watch HD streams for the amazing and best-watching experience.

They don’t have all their content uploaded directly on their site but work through different links from third parties. Every single movie has at least 4-5 links that you can choose, so you always have an option in front of you.

Similar to other websites from this list, it contains a huge database of TV shows, too. You can stream entire TV show without ads and commercials on one place.

There is a possibility to contribute their database by uploading your movies, but they have to pass quality regulations first. They have an adult section named XXX which means that it contains content for almost everyone.

Visit Site | Cost – Free

10. Movies4u

Redirected to

Movies4uMovies4u is the best website that you can choose what looks like Solarmovie. When we compare these two websites, Movies4u contains every single quality as other sites from this particular list. You will be able to find any movie that you can think of because they have a huge database.

They also work and contain quality TV shows and other TV series that you want to watch online. However, the TV series database is not that efficient when we compare it with movies.

You can browse different categories in order to find movies that you want to watch. There are really great options out there for you. Just browse movies based on Year, Genre, IMDB Ratings, Actors or alphabetically and you will be able to find whatever you need.

The main downside is that it doesn’t contain too many genres available, but other categories will cover for that. You can browse Hollywood, US, UK movies and filter them through the country or other. In the same time, we have to mention that quality is great and almost all movies support HD resolution that will provide you amazing movie experience.

Visit Site | Cost – Free

11. Veoh

Veoh Free Movie Streaming

It streams content from other movie streaming websites and TV shows sites, such as Hulu and Netflix. It has a wide selection of genres to choose from horror, crime & mystery, romance, fantasy, action, comedy, and science fiction to watch movies online.

Visit Site | Cost – Free

12. Couchtuner

Sites like Couchtuner

Couchtuner Tv series streaming website is a widely popular website that offers you free TV show streaming. It started in early 2010 with .com, but since then it expanded to dozens of subdomains such as .AG and Fr.

Check some sites like Couchtuner


We have presented you top 10 sites like Solarmovie. There are hundreds of more than we can mention here, but we chose to present you the best ones and what is most important, secure and malware-free ones. 

Online streaming is the future and we can expect that many other websites will start to evolve and to become even better.

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